Sunday, May 4, 2008

played today

hello all.. I played, cooked and puttered today! I would like to spend every day that way.. no work ever! well, maybe once in a while. a couple days a week.. ideally, I would love to work 4 days a week. That would be perfect. I used to work at a drug treatment agency and I was able to work 4 long days and then have 3 off! I also had summers off while I worked there because I worked in a school with kids that were using drugs or whose parents were.. so I had july and august off.. we had to work about 8 days during the summer. Oh those were the days!!!

Oh well.. so we play when we can then.. right!? so this is what I did today...

I bought the stuff to make this bear about 2 months ago.. I've been waiting for the right time to make her.. this weekend worked! i also planned and put together what I'm going to make for the Faerie Zine circus book swap! I had fun doing this.. but have to make 28 copies of this! I have til july and its not as much work as it sounds like, because the base will be copies and then I will embellish them to finish them. I signed up for 3 of these book collaborations.. the circus one, a dollhouse one and also a Halloween opera book! FUn Fun fun!

Well, I think I've mentioned to you that I think my cat is starting to get a little senile, look where I found him this afternoon! He thought he was in trouble.. He is a trip.. hes also a bit of a pain in the neck... he wants constant attention!

I uploaded a ton of pictures on flickr tonight. the cutest ones of a little birdie friend.. You should go to my flickr site to see the story about this bird! I really want to share it with you, but I dont feel like uploading all 8 pictures and telling the story.. (which really isnt that big of a deal.. I probably could have told you in the time i took to talk about not telling it!!) Oh well.. I also should tell you about a funny dream I had last night!

Ok., the dream:

so, I dreamed I was at this Amish house, and I was sitting at the kitchen table, which was a picnic table. The amish lady didnt like me for some reason, but the little girl was sweet and she was sewing this tiny little amish doll, it was only a couple inches big and it was like filled with sand, cause it was floppy. It was so darn cute and I loved it, so the little girl gave it to me. It had tiny black x's for eyes and no mouth of nose, but it was adorable (Im thinking of trying to make it!) anyways, You know the Amish dont have tons of nic nacs and little stuff around their houses, but this one did. she had tons of the cutest little stuff! I was in awe... I wanted to see it all.. BUt when I got up to look around, there on my lap were all the cutest little tiny sewed dolls that that little girl made. I dont know how they got on my lap, but I thought the Amish lady thought I was trying to steal them. (I did want them all though). So I was looking around and she had this shelf that went across the length of her kitchen, but it was like a cat walk.. and it was up high. I wanted to see what was up there, so she like magically jumped up there and was sitting there handing me the cutest little tiny teasets and toys to look at. It was all amazing. Then! someone knocked at the door and it was my mother, my grandmother and my three aunts and they were all dressed up in these pretty dresses with sequins and high heels and they looked all fancy, they had come to get me, they were going to one of their highschool reunions. ... then, I woke up. thats it.. my dream! strange huh? I had another dream after that one, but I cant remember it for the life of me!

Ok.. thats all for now folks.. have a great week! And.. those of you working on miniatures for the miniature swap... we have about 5 or 6 days til they should be mailed out. please email me pictures to post! some of you I havent heard from yet.. I hope every things going well.. let me know!

Huggles girls! good night!

A little edit here.. everyone be sure to hop over to my friend Sabii Wabii You have got to see the most amazing hat she made for the kentucky derby.. it is so AWESOME!!! go see.. go go.. right now.. go look!


Sandy said...

OMG I love the Circus collage..LOL! Your dream was so interesting. How cool that you found little tea sets and dolls in your dream. You should look up the meaning in a dreamer's dictionary!

Sabii Wabii said...

Well I didn't expect to see a compliment like that! What an honor...Thank you. I came by to thank you for the VERY nice comment on my blog. Thank you.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, wanted to know my partners blog for mini swap have her stuff ready to go! cute circus collage..

Anonymous said...

look how cute that bear is! you make the cutest little animals!! Great collage too! your kitty is soo pretty. Oh I almost forgot why I came by hehe I have a new kit in my shop!! you should check it out I think you would like it! hugs


Shelley said...

Hi Viv, wow what a neat dream,do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? I really have some cazy one's sometimes. The collage is the cutest thing and your bear is wonderful. How very,very talented you are...

Your cat is so pretty and funny to....