Sunday, November 1, 2009

cookies and candy!

after making these,
which was a labor of love yesterday for my Family....

And, then eating 3 of them,
I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning..
and will probably do another 45 minutes later on!
I'm thinking those cookies are about 5 points a piece.
Thats ok, I want to be able to eat things like that on occasion,
I just have to make adjustments when I do!
I do have to announce that I did not eat any candy...
other then a few pieces of candy corn when I was frosting the cookies!
So, 45 minutes on the treadmill,
a bowl of oatmeal and unsweetened icetea for breakfast,
and its back to behaving today!
I'm in first place at work for the biggest loser!
Really thats not important to me though..
but moving along at a steady clip to take this weight off is.

So.. this is where you will find me today..
working on tags for Elizabeths tag swap and looking at my new where woman create and cloth paper scissors mags.

Look at the cover of CPS!

its the fabulous Flora of (bone head studios) snowfolk!

this is one of my most favorite of her creations!

well girls.. its 10:12 am..
and I will spend the next 45 minutes crusing through blog land..
probalby wont leave any comments..
but do know I was there..
hugs and happy sunday to all of you!


AwtemNymf said...

Mmmm Nom Nom Nom- those cookies look sooooo yummilicious!

Good for you for giving in to the cravings and treating yourself in moderation. That will help you in the long run NOT over indulge!


natalea said...

Great job with eating right Viv! way to keep at it!
I need to run out and get WWC later now that I know it's out!!
woo hoo!
xo nat

Amy Sullivan said...

~we had a very nice evening too~& those cookies really look good!~
i was so excited to see Flora on the mag. cover~
& thank you for adding me to your swap~ your doll will be mailed by monday afternoon~i am so excited for you to see her/him~

Coastal Sisters said...

The cookies look delish!

Flora is one of my favorite artists :)


♥zoe♥ said...

Coolest cookies indeed!
Yes i love to eat a bit more on special occasion, this would be the most enojoyable thing eat & celebrate Halloween day.

Nice mag! You must be real busy on swap recently. Check you out again!

Tammy said...

Those cookies looked delish. I know your family appreciated your love. Those magazines are like a decadent desert, aren't they? Made to be savored. I just love both of them.

Zan Asha said...

Haha Viv, you did waaaaay better than I in the eating department! Of course, I was in PA for part of Halloween, but still! Ahhh, yes, I love Flora's work. Magazines like that are so much fun!

Fran said...

Those bats and pumkin cookies sure do look YUMMY!!! I'm so PROUD of your weight lost.

I'm working in our Perfume Shop today. I'd rather be home creating. LOL!! I really would.

Sandy Michelle said...

I wish you were my mom- baking me cookies! Thanks for your well-wishes for Lucas. He is home now and doing better. The girls spent the Halloween weekend with my Niece, so it was pretty quiet. I must get that CPS issue- too cute!


Sherry said...

Your cookies look yummy!! I really like that Halloween book that your daughter made too! I can tell where she gets her talent!!

I just posted on the package you sent me. I was so overwhelmed and thrilled with everything you sent. My little guy asked me if it was my birthday as I kept pulling packages out of the box. I LOVE everything you sent and the Witch doll is gorgeous!! OMG! I was so shocked!! I didn't even know you made dolls. I've only made a couple of them. Your dolls are definitely out of my league... but you've given me a goal to reach for. You are so talented!!! Thank you so much for spoiling me and making my Halloween for many years very spooktacular!!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Those cookies look so yummy and as i do not want you to mess up your diet you can send them to me in Kentucky---------LOL--------Hugs...m..

kathy said...

Viv yummy looking cookies -- I can dream about them can't I without
gaining weight -- Gotta find those mags - too cute - Kathy - ga ♥

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Good for you Viv, I would have eaten 30 of those yummy bats!

Thanks for the reminder on the Magazines - off to get mine tonight!

No swaps for me this fall - BUT - there is always spring!!


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Viv! I miss so much just being away a few days! What cute cookies! What a beautiful book your daughter made! TAG SWAP - EAK - I've got to start tomorrow! Thank you for all the support you gave me heading into this wedding - it was so appreciated! The official wedding photos we do not have yet, these I "stole" from a family member's camera. Everyone (but my husband and I) were in costume - even their professors! It was such fun! Now on to winter crafting! Yeah!!!! Have a great week! E

Libby Buttons said...

I am so impressed with your new eating conscienceness go girl...cookies look divine...makes me want some

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh those cookies look so good!!! YUMMY! You are so much stronger than me, lol! I ate SO MUCH CANDY!!! I hate myself now! I probably would have ate six of those yummy cookies, lol!! Good for you getting shape! I need to do that too.
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment :)

Nancy said...

Those cookies look so good! Seeing your new magazines reminds me that I need to stop by Barnes & Noble and pick mine up!
XO Nancy

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You are doing so well! The cookies look great.

Little Lovables said...

those cookies look divine! good job on only eating 3 and getting on the treadmill :)

Charmed Life said...

Yummy! I love homemade Halloween cookies. My neighbor used to make them especially for only the kids on our block every year when I was growing up. My brother who was much too old to trick or treat would ALWAYS eat mine. ERRRR!
Hope you and yours had a jolly time!