Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just playing around...

Had today off from work.
One of the benefits of working for the county..
election day off!
sO I spent it putting away halloween. It was so sad.
I hate putting all my sweet little ghouls, goblins,
black cats and pumpkin heads away.
But it has to be done.
I have a little bit of stuff that I leave out for thanksgiving
and I ran out and bought a few pieces
that are just for thanksgiving, lori mitchell pieces..
YOu should see them!
two pilgrims riding on turkeys and two little indians.
they are so cute! I'll take pics of them tomorrow.
I snapped these two pics tonight,
and thought id try to use the one of my mantel for a banner..
and it worked!
except that it doesnt say "Viv on a whim"!
I think I might be able to figure out how to add that on tomorrow though.
I'm just impressed that it uploaded and fit there!
And.. HEres an odd picture of the naughties.
Dont they look so grown up now?? Its just this picture..
They really still look like kittens.
Went to weight watchers tonight,
lost another 1.6 pounds! amazing!
Im just so impressed with myself! heehee!
Just wait til next summer..
I'll be a beach beauty instead of a beached whale! haha!
(just kidding.. girls... I know it upsets some of you if you think i'm insulting myself.. but Im not.. I'm just playing!)
Well, its back to work tomorrow.. so i suppose I should put myself to bed!
good night all!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Keep up the steady weight loss, Viv! Awesome/ Love your banner!


Lori said...

Viv, you are doing so great with your weight loss...i hope you are proud of yourself!!!

kathy said...

A big woo hoo VIV !! for your weight loss and your beautiful Mantel -- so lovely -- Your kitties are sweet -- kathy - ga ♥

Coastal Sisters said...

I love your decor! Figgy and Frannie are as enchanting as always...SO adorable!

Congrats on your weight loss! I started Nutrisystem this morning...my pizza for lunch today is the size of a poptart!!!! UGH!!


AwtemNymf said...

Love the look on the mantel! I am NOT ready to take down my Halloween stuff- I'm Not I'm Not I'm Not!!! LOL!
Love the kittos! And Congratulations on your weight loss. Good for you!
and I've GOT to get that sugar cookie and icing recipe from you! It reminds me of the kind my Granma L used to make!

Whimsical Creations said...

WOOT WOOT on the weight loss!!

Beautiful mantel!

Susan said...

Great job with WW, keep it up.
Love your mantel and the kitties are adorable.

Creative Breathing said...

Viv, Your banner is glorious! You never cease to amaze me with your abundant energy to create! I'm still plugging away at tags! Can't wait to receive yours! Inspiration Station - that's your blog! Elizabeth

Kai said...

I HAVE been reading your blog, Viv! Honest! Just having computer headaches still, so I wait till days when I'm NOT to post! Sigh ...! Pain in the patoot computer! Your kitties ARE looking very grown! Soooo cute! And I love your Thanksgiving display! You always do such cool decorating! As for the weight loss - even tho' you say you are kidding, I KNOW what you are doing. Making jokes FIRST before anyone else CAN. How do I know that? Because I'm a PRO at it. But NO ONE would make jokes about YOU. You are adorable at ANY size. And I am super proud of you for getting HEALTHY! YOU ROCK! P.S. I'd give ANYTHING for your beautiful hair! I keep meaning to TELL you that!

Ana said...

Hi Viv,

It took me couple of minutes to figure out how to "comment" on blog. Thank you for your comment on my "in progress blog". I have to tell you, you've done a beautiful job with your blog and the items you've created. The flower bracelet is very pretty and I love your Fall set-up!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, Is it snowing there??? You guys should have Thanks Giving in October like us Canadians- that way it won't be cold and snowy..hee,hee! I am worried about the Niagara Sisters swap. Need more time..argh!I was up 'til 2 am last night catching up.


Little Lovables said...

Love your mantle!!! You will be a beach beauty no matter what!

Libby Buttons said...

Pretty pretty & great banner. O Viv...I am having such a creative block over your elf.....ugh......