Saturday, November 28, 2009

I want my computer back!!!!!

ok.. I just dont want to bother the guy with my computer.. so everyone just pray that he becomes inspired to fix it and return it this weekend! K?
.. I'm decorating the house.. wishing I could post pictures.. and it stinks in my sons room! PU!
see yas later!


Cathy said...

Hi Viv,

At least you have your son's computer to sneak onto. lol

I know what it's like to be without a computer. Mine has crashed so many times, I don't even want to think about it.

Sending wishes that you get your much needed computer back soon.

xo Cath

Cheryl said...

Just look at going in your son's room as a diet tool... you probably don't feel like eating anything for awhile afterwards! :-)

Zan Asha said...

Crossing fingers about your computer! It's funny how dependent we've become on them! Yikes!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope he fixes it quicker than qick. Happy week..m.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Hang in there! Things will be all better soon!

When you figure out how to get the smell out of a boy's room, will you post it? LOL

Whimsical Creations said...

miss you.

Kai said...

Looks like all your blogging friends are going to have to go and picket that guy until he gets your computer back to you! He HAS to know we are having Viv withdrawal symptoms! At least you are able to sneak on a little bit so we know you are okay! HURRY BACK TO US! Othewise, I'm making my picket signs! LOL!

Fran said...

Hope you get your computer back soon. I know the computer withdraws are awful. :-) Get a bottle of FreeBreeze and give it to your son. LOL !!! I did that once. LOL Sure makes the room smell nice.
Off to spend some family time out with 2 of our daughters and 2 of our grandsons. Going out on the town with them. Son from TX was her 4 days. He left this morning.
One daughter and grandson lives here and the other daughter and grandson are from PA. Having nice time with them.

debsea said...

ha! i've been there before, in the smelly boy's room for the computer...made me wish i'd gotten him a laptop : } hope you get yours healthy again soon!

Libby Buttons said...

Hullo Deary
My littlest elf will be a couple of days late. I apologize. Have been dragging since my pup passed but to make matters worse I was in a car accident a few days ago ( my neighbor was driving her car) and so Ive been taking advil and lying around. Just have to add a few final touches and then send him out. The elf is so "You".....I hope you love it!
SmiLes & "Ouches"

Lori said...

Viv, i hope you are back in action must be so frustrated!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, we are out here, can you see us all waiving! We miss you! (Read this as though I'm shouting because you are in MY, me OH)Come back soon and show us lots of holiday decorating. E

Nancy said...

Oh, computer yet??? Bummer. Thank goodness you have your son's. I'm guessing your posts are short due to the fact that you can only hold your breath for so long! Hoping you get yours back this week.
XO Nancy

Jacqueline said...

Ha ha...that is so funny, the sons room stinks! I can so relate! Both my sons played hockey and my husband. The were all stinky! If I were you, I'd just get some super glue and sit myself firmly on the computer chair! Tag, you are it!

ginger@bearbits said...

So sorry to hear of your computer troubles. I've missed your posts but sooner or later I trust you will be up and running again. See you then!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

ohh i hope its fxed soon .As to the sons room see my husband doesnt believe me that all teenage boys rooms smell.We call my sons the bog of eternal stench.Like my older three sons he has finally got to teh age where i give up,I mean i tell him go clean your room etc but i have given up,We shall hire a garbage skip and a fumigator should he ever leave !