Wednesday, November 11, 2009

roberts 21st birthday

Look how stinking cute he and jasper were!

There was a party at the bar in town last night for Robby.
I cant believe my Baby turned 21 Where does the time go?
robs girlfriend and I made a cake and
stopped in just to drop it off. Shes under 21 and not really allowed in the bar.. but I dragged her up there anyways, and no one said anything. OF course she did not drink there though.
I was surprised to find my husband and a couple of his buddies
there so we ended up staying a little while and I had a couple of baileys on the rocks, (at 2 points a piece!!!) and playing pool with a few of Robs buds. (I didnt make a single shot though! Im such a bad player.. but everyone wanted me for their partner anyways! haha!) Check out my face in this picture.. just as the picture was being taken, the guy in gray smooshed cake in robs face!! I was a bit surprised and laughed my butt off! Then I cleaned it off of his face.. as he probably would have left it there all night! ha! (well probably not..but he sure wasnt feeling much I tell ya!)

When I left the bar at 11:30, my son had quite a buzz.. he was having a good time and some friends who were much more in control, One being the bartender, who was not drinking promised to bring him home.

So.. at around one I heard the door open and someone said .. happy birthday rob .. go to bed.

Well lets just say.. mama took care of robert for a while.. He was out of it. eiy yie yie! but he had a good time.. not one that I especially approved of.. I just dont get the whole getting wasted like that thing.. (but I suppose if I'm honest I can say... I remember those days.. but thats a secret! )heehee!

Anyways! Happy Birthday to my baby.. who just so happens to have a wee bit of a hangover today! And, I very well deserved one I may add!

And now you know why I worry so much and what I pray about! !
I really do wonder where all the time has gone!
well now I'm off to go paint that turkey!
was going to do it today but I went christmas shopping instead!
see yas later!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I bought several Christmas books today. Going to have my hair permed tomorrow in the afternoon and in the morning working in the food pantry....m.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...ahh...the rite of passage!

Happy 12st, Robby!

Little Lovables said...

love your expression in the last photo!

my boys are only 2 and 4 and I worry about them all the time, thinking back to my crazy days, I can only imaging the amount of prayers said for a 21 year old!

Persuaded said...

Ahhh.He cannot be 21!! Why I remember holding him in the nursery rocking chair during VBS when he was crying for you... surely that was just last year! My goodness. Gracious.

Julie said...

What an adorable story!

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy birthday to your baby. Ahhh to be 21 again. Time goes by to fast!

Mica said...

Happy belated Birthday! They grow up wayyyy to fast! Hope he had a great day!


Lori said...

Viv, your baby is so cute!!! i hope he had a wonderful birthday!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy belated to your baby :)


Sabii Wabii said...

What's really funny is it doesn't seem like that long ago in some ways and in others a million years.
And what's really funny is they thnk we are SOOOOO OLD!

barbara burkard said...

happy birthday, to your robby! MY robbie turns 21 on dec. 4...