Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative well gone dry...bloggy break...

hello dear blogland friends! I have so much going on lately, eiy yie yie! My life is crazy.
Crazy.. yes, but blessed as well. I really should never every complain about anything.. because truely, I am a very happy person! Even when I'm miserable.. I'm still happy! does that make any sense!? but I am struggling lately to get anything done, at home and at work! Cant seem to focus on anything that I should be focusing on! And, Im seriously not managing my time well at all.

Which leads me to say, that I'm going to take a little bloggy break. (yeah, right.. lets see how that goes!) I really have things that I need to do here and I keep finding myself sitting in front of the computer! It is a time hog. I have many bear orders to work on . there are 10 here now and another 8 at least coming. I just keep putting them off though and I really cant do that any longer! So until I have the first two orders finished (6 bears).. I'm staying off. Maybe that will inspire me to get them done!

That should only a few days! I'll still be checking my email, so I'll see your comments. I just cant get on and start blog hopping and screwing around!
Besides the bears, I still havent done any yard work. I HAVE to get out there and get busy! Why dont you girls come help me!? I hate yard work and never really know what the heck I'm doing out there. I just need to get out there and get started! I need some inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration.. My creative well has gone dry! I actually had to drop out of a couple swaps. I am just blank! It really sucks. there are things I want to make, And things I need to make, but I cant seem to figure out which to do or how to do them. and then I think, why bother.. what on earth will I do with it when I'm finished!? Does that ever happen to any of you? Its frustrating.

YOu are noticing the pictures that I posted I hope. the first of my little naughties! Figgy and Frannie.. they are pregnant again. I think I already mentioned that in my last post. I know, I know.. so soon.. I didnt know she would go into heat so soon! Oh well.. this is the last litter. and they are so cute. I wonder how many she'll have this time?
AFter the kitties, are two pics of gifts that I recieved from my sweet friend Cindy Owens. she is SOOO kind and caring. She had already sent me a Cheerup package a week or so ago and then this came yesterday. I JUST LOVE IT! thank you sweet Cindy!

And then the next bunch of pictures are from the mayday basket swap, hosted by artsymama. Nicole Austin was my partner and boy did she spoil me. she got the short end of the stick in this swap! Thank you so much Nicole for all the sweet things!

So, anyways.. email me if you post anything that you think I need to see, or if you see anything in blogland that you think I shouldnt miss! I'll be back in a few days.. I just need to take a break and try to get on top of my life. I am lagging behind in all areas!!
OH! and thank you for the prayers the other night. I know I havent told you what you were praying about, but your prayers worked. I just had a kid that got a few tickets and needs the prayers.. He will need more on june 7th! (I'll remind you to pray then!)

OK... so Off I go girlies.. Gonna make some popcorn and then start stuffing bears! See you in a few days! I'll miss you all!
toodles! and huggles!!


Lori said...

hi sweet sounds like you are overwhelmed right now...a bloggy break is just what you need...i always feel better after i take one...i don't think you should have asked to be emailed though, if we see something or do something that you need to see...LOL...i think that kind of defeats the purpose of your break...LOL...i can't believe your kitties are preggers again...i guess i know how they have been spending their time...hee hee...your creative flow will come back soon...i have no are so talented and clever...i think you are just too busy to focus right now...yard work...uggggh...i finally worked in mine today...4 and 1/2 hours total...3 1/2 this morning and one hour this evening...and i BARELY made a's just too much sometimes...see you when you get back Viv!!!

Maija said...

Take care of yourself a little Viv!!!
oxox Maija

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

PRAYING for and loving you. I think you might like my Mothers day post if you have a minute stop by...m..

oldflowers4me said...

hello my dear friend....have fun....

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh My...those beautiful furbabies are going to have more wee ones! How exciting :) Figgy and Frannie are soooooooo pretty!

Get your work done so you can come back and play!


Farmchick said...

Take care Viv--hope to see you back soon! :)

Debby said...

Hi Viv, sounds like you are very busy. I think we all need our little breaks now and again. Have a nice break and see you when you get back.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Be thinking of you, Viv. It SUCKS when life happens and when our creativity runs dry. Remind us to say a prayer for the guy and I promise I will!

Fran said...

Hi Vivian, I know how you feel when you say your creative well has gone dry. I have been there several times. BUT the good think about it is....when you come off your break from non creating You will be refreshed and ready to start creating again. I call this My Creative Dry Spell. It really plays with your mind when you know what you want to do but so many things are floating around in the mind and you don't know which one to do first. Sometimes I have several things going at once and that drives me crazy! I'll be working on something and stop on it and start something else, etc etc. Right now I have 5 projects going on and all are at different stages. I guess I can say I'm taking a 4 day break from them because I am working in our perfume shop for 4 days.
A friend recommeded a book to me. It's called "The Creative Habit" Learn It And Use It For Life by Twyla Tharp. I'm reading it now and it is very interesting. I really think it will help alot.

Figgy and Frannie are adorable. Pregnant again. WOOOHOO!! :-)
Take care.
Fran P.S. sorry this was so long:-)

Jenny Fowler said...

I'm sorry that you feel your well has dried up! :( I hope you get what you need and come back to share. :]

Nancy said...

Loved your post...believe me, it happens to all of us. I just went through about a 3 month dry spell. Mostly because I was so busy with work, 6 weeks of company and finding out my daughter had MS! Don't feel guilty. The creative bug will bite you again before you know it. I KNOW this because it just bit me and is now flying off to bite the next crazy creator!! Glad the prayers helped. Hang in there. Much love, Nancy Oh, by the way, I am on a needle felting frenzy!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

We all need blog breaks every now and then. You'll feel recharged and inspired when you return again! Congrats on your cats being preggers again..I think..LOL! You will get to put your feet up and relax at the retreat and it will get here soon enough! Happy Mommy's Day!

Sandy xox

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Mother's Day Vivian! Your neighborhood of friends will be right here waiting for your return. Elizabeth