Thursday, May 20, 2010

my daily rations !

I know, I know, I know.. I shouldnt complain. I have lost 52 pounds so far and that is wonderful and I'm very happy about it and I feel much better and much healthier! But I still feel FAT! I still want to lose another 25 pounds. I lost that first 40 pounds so quickly and the last 12 sooo slowly! I was hoping to lose another 25, well, 23 really, by the end of June when I go to the ocean. But realistically, I dont think thats going to happen by then. (darn it!) But I wont give up! I'm going to keep trying! I suppose I should change my goal date to a later time.. maybe september, since thats when I originally started and that would make it a full year to lose 75 pounds. I guess thats reasonable.
So, this is what I eat on a typical day..
I started out with a small bowl of special K with choc bits in it, 3/4 of a cup and a 1/2 cup of fat free milk. I also had a ww english muffin with ... Are you ready for this? POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER! Just discovered it.. its really good. you mix a tbsp with a little water and spread it on! It is peanut butter, but with hardly any fat. the lowest points peanut butter Ive found is peter pan whipped peanut butter which is 4 points per 2 tbsps. This is 1 pt, per 2 tbsps! And I only use 1 tbsp! It has to be ordered from someplace in Goergia! but is worth it.
so anyways, thats 4 (technically 4.5, but I dont count halves!) points to start the day.
then I packed 2 clementines and a vitatop for my morning snack. (2 pts) for lunch I had half a sandwhich on ww bread (2 pts), 2 cups of fruit (2pts), my jello fluff (no pts) and a fiber one bar (1 pt). I eat the popcorn through out the day.. (1 Pt)
OOPS.. forgot something! there was a luncheon at work today and I ate a sliver of a piece of angel food cake.. (2 pts!)

When I got home from work, I had more no pts jello and a fat free grahm cracker (1 pt)
then for dinner.. I had 1/2 cup of egg beaters cooked with asparagus, tomatos, red peppers, purple onions and mushrooms (2pts). I also cooked one of these apple maple chicken breakfast sausages.. (1pt) but it doesnt count, because I didnt eat it.. didnt like it much. But I have to count a 1 pt for my english muffin and more of that peanut butter! So 4.5 points for dinner.
Total for the day at that point.. 18 ish points! I get 22 a day.. so a while ago I had a 1/2 cup bowl of Breyers no sugar added vanilla ice cream (1 pt) on top of a choc vitatop (1 pt) with a tiny sprinkle of walnuts and a squirt of lite choc syrup (1 pt) and a squirt of lite whipped cream (no pts). for a grand total for the day of 21 points.

Really youre supposed to eat the full allotment of points for the day.. so if I really wanted to, I could have a bowl of popcorn of something! Plus I went for an hour walk.. which adds activity points.. if I wanted to use them.. but I'm full.
Well I'm off for the night.. I took tomorrow off and Jen, Beth and I are going to buffalo in the morning for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. They always have the best stuff there. I'll be sure to buy a bunch of stuff that I just have to have and may never use!
Even though I'm off tomorrow, I'm on call for the weekend. but at least I'm free for the day. The last time I was on call I ended up with 19 1/2 hours overtime! Hopefully it wont be too busy this weekend.
ok.. my back is aching.. I'm actually headed for the couch, something I rarely do!
talk to yas later!


Maija said...

Good for you sweet Viv!!! Keep up the good work- now you are an inspiration for me!!!
I love the PB2- I've used it for a few years now- it's great in a protein shake! What is Jello fluff????

Lori said...

Viv, you are doing an amazing job with your weight loss...don't get discouraged...those first pounds are always the easiest...the rest you have to work for...the work will make the result so much go girl...have fun at your convention and have an amazing weekend!!!

Heather said...

Holy cow... that's actually a lot of food!

I think I'll need to follow your eating routine! Everything you eat sounds like stuff I like!

kathy said...

WOW VIV , i knew you had lost lots -- so wonderful - I need to follow your example -- Is there
any bagels that are healthy for the morning -- with the no fat cream cheese -- I do love eggs -- etc but cannot eat anything much in the am(7 am ) when i get up - can you have coffee??? - plus milk and I do not do well -- I love shredded wheat tho and just reg cornflakes -- love choc not in cereal tho -- etc -- KAthy - ga ♥

Kai said...

You know, of all the programs I've tried over the years - some of them downright INSANE - I've never tried WW! Hmmmm! It actually sounds perfect! And you've done an amazing transformation, Viv! I mean, to ME you ALWAYS looked beautiful! I never saw you as 'big' to begin with, but I am in awe of how terrific you look now! Have a super day with the girls & don't even THINK about stinkin' old work! LOVE YOU!

H said...

Good for you. It's sooo hard to lose weight, but you are doing great. Keep it up.

Brenda said...

Wow good for you. I would love to loose at least 10 pounds and you are shedding it right and left. Good for you! Since I turned 50 I just have not had the heart to do the correct dieting. Again, good for you!

Lydia said...

You are so terrific! You have been doing a fabulous job!!! You look wonderful:)

xo la

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are awesome Viv!!!!!! Have a wonderful, awesome, bestest, weeekend ever....Big Smiles...m...

SympleTymes , and Pinkeeps, said...

Gosh Viv you look AWSOME! You have always been gorgeous!I njust tried the Atkins diet and it made me so sick, I almost passed out at work,I REALLY was discouraged, I have tried the Nutrisystem all didn't work form, been thinking of WW for over a year, I'm just so tired of going on a diet and then you can't eat fruit or any thing sweet ,I go to bed hungry,after seeing and reading your post it was SO encouraging, I have decided to go join WW next week end,do you go to the meetings? Or do it online, I was afraid I wouldn't under stand their program,where did you get your recipes?I know for me I would do better going to the meetings,Thanks viv from my heart for sharing !!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Wow! You are doing so well. Keep it up. I need to get back on the wagon soon...the summer is always a good time to start because of the fresh things.

The PB2 sounds very interesting. I am am PB addicr and it would be good to find something that wouldn't put on five pound every time I ate it!

Hope you get lots of good stuff at the convention. Maybe you can show us!

Jacqueline said...

I say girlfriend, hip hip yipeee for you! That is really wild, peanut butter that is in a powder...
I will be your cheerleader for the next 25 lbs...waving pom poms at you from Washington!

Give me a V
Give me a I
Give me another V

Yippeee for Viv!
You go you Groovy Girl go!

Dolly said...

Hooray for you sweetpea!
I know how difficult it is to lose weight!
I have been trying for years but lack the disoplin {sp?}
That is a lot of food {more then I eat in a day} But it all looks yummy!

Keep up the good work....I am inspired!

Hugz, Dolly

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and yes, FROG...Fully Relying On God
We are doing great!!! God is faithful and I am writing from the healing not from the sting...I didn't get my frog until almost 2 years after we moved it...better late than never.

I love your happy, and the daughter would enjoy also.

Wow...on your weight loss...what an inspiration...I need to lose about 50!!! It seems so much harder at 49, after six kids...but you have encouraged me.

Thanks again for stopping by...enjoyed my visit here,

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

52 pounds???? Congratulations!!! That's amazing that you've stuck with this since last September. Kudos!!!
Mary Lou

Fran said...

WW is GREAT! CONGRATS! on your weight lost. WOW! WW works and you get to have lots of foods. Love those no pointer foods. I'm a WW Life Timer that has back slid lots of times. I'm determed to stick to the diet this time. You REALLY INSPIRE ME!!
Love & Hugs

twinkleshabbystar said...

Keep up the fabulous job Vivan! You look amazing!!! Have a blast at the convention. Cant wait to see what goodies you come home with. Take lots of pics! XOXO,Jenn

Julie said...

Wow Viv...I am so thrilled for you...52 pounds!!!!! You ROCK!!!