Friday, May 14, 2010

Things that make me happy !

Sandy at Sandys creations is hosting things I love friday. As almost always, in my crazy life.. I'm running late... I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures when I got home from work.. well, after I went grocery shopping... not that that matters, or that you even care!
so here are some pictures of things that I love and things that make me happy! my pepto bismo pink bicycle! need to get a basket!

one of the shelfs in my living room I love tiny things!!
(bet you didnt already know that! lol)

the colorful tags and books that I've gotten in tag swaps!

Figgles and frannie pants!

shelf in my craft room of sweet things.. see my grammy?? isnt she adorable!

so may sweet things ! look carefully in these pictures..
a lot of you will see things youve given me!

more more more!

a family of circus mice!

very precious treasures!

more treasures!

I just love stuff!

birdies and babies!

love my those tiny longaberger baskets! want more.. but they are sooo expensive!

♪♫ count your blessings.. count them one by one ♪♫

and.. threw this in for the heck of it, just picked it up tonight at the grocery store.. what a great issue.. grab it if you see it!
Happy Weekend Everyone!! I'm planning on doing some blog hopping early tomorrow morning.. so see you then!
sweet dreams!!


kathy said...

So many sweet things -- LOve seeing them -- Blessings sweetfriend - KAthy - ga ♥

Julie said...

Love all your sweet happy treasures, Vivian...especially your pepto pink bike--I want it!!! (Well, one just like it...!)

Hope you're having a wonderful night!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Such a Happy, Happy Post!!! I loved taking my time to look around. And that bike!!!! you lucky, lucky girl. You will have tons of Pink Fun on that. : )
Congratulations on the wonderful news of becoming a grandmother. You won't even believe how fun it is!!! :-D
Have a great weekend,
Mary Lou

Tam Hess said...

Wow, so much inspiration surrounding you. So nice! :)

Sandy said...

Wonderful treasures for sure!!!! I have a question, do you live where the Amish are???? couldn't help noticing that cart and horse in your first photo!!!!! I LOVE your bike!!!!!! They got that at Wal-Mart????? Wow!

natalea said...

fun stuff Viv! and I love that magazine too...I'm glad I got it..lots of good inspiration in that one. Hope you're having a good weekend! my mom and I are in the middle of kitchen makeover chaos! agh! xo

Lisa said...

Oh look at all your great treasures! I so want that bicycle!!;) I have that magazine and it is great!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

Kai said...

Viv, your house is MAGIC! I just want to wander through it and TALK to all the lil' dollies & critters everywhere! Also to the kitties! It would make me HAPPY just being around all of those pretties! And you know what ELSE your house is? It's a reflection of the sweet, fun spirit who lives in it! You have to be one of the most adorable people EVER! I JUST LOVE YOU!

icandy... said...

i can totally see why these things make you happy! i'm smiling just browsing through your post!
love and hugs,

Maija said...

Who made that cute dolly that is next to the photo of your Granny?? It looks like The Cart and The Horse or something like that!

Sandy Michelle said...

Love all the eye candy!

Sandy xox

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful treasures!

Little Lovables said...

your acorn gnome, the fabric looking guy next your sweet grammy and the cupcake lady, and your little birthday had felted bird are some of my favorite things here!