Monday, November 8, 2010

always remembear

always remembear
Ive been beary busy filling memory bear orders! This is the time of year that I usally get a bunch of orders.. I try to get people to get them to me early enough so that I dont have orders in december. but usually there will be a straggler. I got the first few orders done, and have 12 more bears to make. I'd like to get them done before the end of november.. but we'll see!
annies mothers wedding gown
These first couple bears were made out of a friends mothers wedding gown.
She was very emotional when I gave them to her. Im always glad when people like them! sometimes I dont care for them so much and I'm afraid the people wont like them. But I dont think I've ever had someone not like one.. well at least theyve never told me that.
the girls
These next bears are made from a little girls clothing, the little girl didnt die, they are just made out of some of their favorites of her outfits from her first year. I think shes giving the bears to grandparents with their christmas presents. Now these are bears I wasnt overly fond of, but she loved them. I just gave them to her this morning.
charli's 3 bears
I do like the choc brown velour bear. she had picked out some pretty stretchy outfits, which when you stuff them, sometimes causes the bears to get a bit distorted.. or really fat! which was the case for the the striped one!

bear 3
bear 2
I guess they are kind of cute!
bear 1
And this last bunch is actually three different orders. I lov emaking bears our of flannel shirts.. they always come out nicely. One of these bears is made out of a shirt of a man that was killed when a dump truck tipped over on him. A while back I made bears for a woman whose father in law was killed when a garbage truck tipped over on him!
I get to hear a lot of interesting and also lots of sad stories. One lady a couple years ago, wanted a couple bears and brought some clothing over for me. When she came over her whole story came out about her daughter and how her boyfriend had murdered her. It had been 10 years, and they had never touched the girls room except to dust it. nothing had been moved and they never talked about her. Neither her husband or her son wanted her to have her clothing cut up to make bears out of and they had given her a really hard time about it. anyways ,she ended up being here for about 3 hours, crying and telling her story. Before she left she thanked me and said it was so good for her to be able to talk about her daughter.. no one else had let her for all those years. She ended up loving the bears.. and her son and husband never saw the point in them.
OK.. girls, I'm way behind in keeping up with you and I've discovered some new and fun blogs the past week or so.. I will get caught up soon!! but for right now, I have to go work on some tags for elizabeths tag swap! Tomorrow night I will be blog hopping for sure!


NanE said...

OH my gosh, you did not make those bears! Well, yes I know you did but I'm just astounded! I can't imagine why anyone would not fall in love with them. I had tears in my eyes as I read the story about the mom. Viv, what a truly amazing tangible memory you are giving these families! Makes me want to see what I have of my parents that can be transformed into one of these precious bears. Do you make other "memory" animals besides bears. Thank you for sharing, Nan

Lisa said...

That is a really nice idea - what a nice way to have a memory of someone you love.

Merci-Notes said...

This is amazing, your BEARS are AMAZING!
I love each one, all of your beautiful work and how you care so much about each of your "people".
I keep thinking how I would be hugging that bear all the time... such a thought .. to be able to "HUG your loved one again!
Thank You for sharing your friends with us!
*i think i see kittens in the below post so see ya for now! :)


Charmed Life said...

Fabulous job on those darling bears. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

They are all cute. I especially like the flannel bears, but the baby clothes bears are an adorable idea.

Gee, I'm staying away from garbage trucks!


kathy said...

I think your idea to create them is wonderful -- people are blessed so by them -- HUGZ -- Kathy - ga ♥

Julie said...

I just love your bears and what they represent too!! The ones made out of the wedding dress are stunning!!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, You and your bears need to be on Oprah! You are truly wonderful. E

Kai said...

That's right! Make Kai cry before daybreak! WAAAAAHHH! Seriously, that woman's story just tore my heart out. We hold so many things inside and they eat us alive. You are a treasure, Viv! You did that woman so much good! I really love you! PLUS you gave me a PERFECT answer for next time anyone refers to my roundness! I'm just going to tell them I'm made of velour and it causes me to LOOK overstuffed & a bit out of proportion. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (I really AM going to say that, too!)