Sunday, November 14, 2010

mingling of holidays!

Ive been needlefelting my little heart out!
just finished this little turkey! hes so cute!
And he likes this happy little spot on my craft room for now..
though he really needs to come out into the kitchen where I can keep a better eye on him!
I've been having fun, not doing what I should have been doing.. but needle felting instead!
see the cute little snowman! inspired by nicole bowen on earth angels!
The turkey was inspired by Crystal
(but now since I lost my blog list, I cant tell you her last name or link to her site!!!)
Then theres my little reindeer, I've had reindeer on the brain for a few weeks, there are more to come.. all stuck in my head. waiting to get out!
But first I have to do my ever increasing bear orders.
I will be cuting out 10 bears this afternoon, and I have 5 more after that that I havent recieved the clothes for yet.

I'm hoping that by december all my swaps will be done, the bears will be done, and then I can just create on a whim.. thats what I like to do...
and thats what I did yesterday instead of working on those bear orders!
naughty naughty me! Those bears are certainly not going to make themselves! lol
Hey! Ive just uploaded a bunch of christmas music on my playlist.
If youre ready for christmas music, leave it up and running for a while.
I know some people arent ready for it yet.
I was ready the day after halloween!
Well, obviously I havent even begun to recreate my blog list, luckily I have a lot of sites marked as a follower.. still missing so many more though.. its so disappointing and will be so much work to search them all down and put them back!
so far today, I've been screwing around, really not doing anything very productive and its already noon! Now I have to go to the grocery store, we're running low in all depts here!
Some of the kids are coming over for dinner tonight,
and I'm dying for some chicken...
not sure what I want to do with it yet, I think I need to take a peek in a couple cookbooks before I go!

I'll need to keep it low in points and nice and healthy as I'm back in gear.. ready to lose the next 20 pounds!
I must behave.. I must behave I must behave!
nothing tastes as good as thin feels!
eat like a bird.. eat like a bird.. eat like a bird..
eat to live done live to eat!
these are the things I keep telling myself over and over and over!
I will do this!
OKeedokie girlfriends,
toodles for now!


natalea said...

everything looks so darn cute!! I've been sick for 2 weeks so i haven't gotten in the christmas spirit yet, but soon I hope!
talk soon, xo nat

Kai said...

That lil' turkey is so adorable! In fact, I did a LOT of ooohing & aaaahing over all those felted sweeties! The reindeer? Couldn't BE cuter! I've been up to my ears in paint & clay & yarn since EARLY this morning! DECK THE HALLS! I'm with YOU! Let's get Christmas STARTED! LOVE YOU! P.S. How is the kitty family doing?

Creative Breathing said...

I love your naughty days Vivian! Your turkey is just the cutest creation ever. I think he is a favorite, and that's not easy with your endless supply of cute to choose from! Visiting you is like eating cake. I always want a second helping! E

Nancy said...

Dang girl, you amaze me! Where the heck do you get all your energy? Are you sure some else isn't creating all those adorable creatures when you are at work? I knew my Fall decor was weak, but now I realize how really, really lame they are. I think I better turn the Christmas music on and get my motor running! XO Nancy

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

So cute and i know you are having so much fun making them,,,,m,,

Emily Dimov-Gottshall said...

Love the new blog look! :) :) I need to update mine as well. Also, I couldn't agree more about Christmas. I love it and love all the sounds/sights and smells and don't know why some people can't stand it (unless you work in a dept. store, which can burn you out...been there, done that). Hope you add me to your blog list, if you want. :)

Jingle said...

These look SO fantastic! I love needle felted projects! Your are wonderfully done with such vibrant colors! I love them!

Jacqueline said...

What grand like a bird! I've got it...that will take me right past the turkey and all his dressings but when Christmas hits my moto must be "Eat like an Elf" there's only so many goodies an elf tummy can hold.
Blogging for the fun of it! Your girl with the curl.

April Mechelle said...

Viv !!! I want that whole shelf !!! Just pack it up like it is and send it down here to Alabama !!! LOL I love that Turkey!!! You needed a break from those bears.. Glad you did.. I love the Christmas music! I am ready now for Christmas !! I have been working on some Christmas ornaments. Happy Bear Making !!!

Julie said...

Since we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our daughters house this year, I am going to decorate for Christmas next week.

I wish I had more Thanksgiving decorations.. but I won't buy something I don't really like - so I only have a couple of things.. unlike Christmas!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the snow man! I can't wait til you start selling this stuff on your etsy! I tell myself to eat like a bird every day in hopes that some day I'll do just!

Sandy xox

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Your turkey is very sweet! I started needlefelting last year and just loved it...but life has gotten in the way and I've done no felting this year. Seeing your cuties has put me in the mood! Warm hugs, Esther

Melissa said...

Hey Viv!
What a great collection of creative eye candy!
Love that turkey!
PS. Did you get the bear ornie yet?

Merci-Notes said...

I agree! I have been on a LOW budget diet and It is very good for me! Getting back to my self feels GREEAT!
So Continued success to us both! :)
LOVE those kittens also.. did you make them too???

What happened to those new born kittnes?? Where are you hiding them? Did those sisters that will be coming over , like Amelia take one already:)