Tuesday, November 2, 2010

some mothers are confused!

I had today off from work for election day! One of the few perks for working for the county. So anyways I went shopping , though didnt really buy anything. Pretty much just wasted time. But when I came home and went to check on the babies.... They were gone!
I quickly found them here, in the laundry basket in my bedroom. Not impressed. I told Frannie they couldnt stay there and put them back where I had them. She quite promptly told me to back off, (yes, I'm sure thats what she said!) then jumped in the box and picked up a kitten by the neck and ran away with it back into the laundry basket! So I took it and put it back in the box again!
Then I though, well, maybe she wants to hide them for some reason. The laundry basket wouldnt have been so bad, but its small! so I took her box and put it under the kitchen table .. nope... she wasnt having it.. grabbed another kitten and took off again!
So I emptied out the laundry basket, put a big fluffy towel in it and put everyone back in for her. She was quite happy about this and jumped right in and did a little happy dance before lying down on several of the babies! Telling ya, its too small! So I left them alone for a while.
In the mean time, Poor Figgy was beside himself. There was no room for him. He wandered the house yowling and driving me nuts. I finally told Frannie this just wasnt happening and put everyone back in the box where they were at originally. Figgy was quite happy to jump in and wash some kitten butts.. (this seems to be his favorite part of child rearing... who'd a thunk.. must men dont like to change diapers!)
Anyways, so far so good, she has left them there. Well, actually she took one out a while ago, dragged it around the room and then put it back. I wish I knew what she wanted.
but I dont!
OKeedokie.. It is time for bed! See yas tomorrow!
sweet dreams bloggy land.
OH yes, I wanted to do a I'm thankful for countdown to thanksgiving..
Today I'm thankful for all gods creatures great and small! but especially fluffy little kittens!
and, Im thankful for having a good job.


Diane said...

It is so funny how these little creatures have a mind of their own! Our mamma cats always did the same thing.. hope everything stays happy at that kitty cat home. oxox, Diane

April Mechelle said...

Don't we wish we could read their minds... LOL They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Frannie just needed a break from Figgy!


suzeeez said...

Cute story and photos but frustrating I'm sure. Maybe she wants to squeeze her hubby out. Who knows :o)

Kai said...

When I first looked at the picture, I thought the kitties were COTTON BALLS! LOL! So CUTE! And I agree - maybe she & Figgy were having a minor 'cat fight'. (Uh - sorry. Couldn't resist.)

kathy said...

VIV they are so cute -- Animals have their own agenda it seems --
HAve a great day friend --Kathy - ga ♥

Julie said...

What an adorable story. when our Corgi had pups - she stole all the stuffed animals in the house (including my mink teddy bear) and put them in the playpen with the puppies. There were so many stuffed animals - you could hardly find the puppies!!!

Cindy said...

Female cats like to hide their babies from the males..who have a tendacy to eat the little ones.It is instinct.Also they like to be in something deep..they like to jump in..predators can't jump into it..also instinct. If you aren't careful she will move them behnind the refridge or stove..she likes little places..also instinct..lol

They are adorable!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Cheryl said...

Girl.... go purchase a large rectangle laundry hamper so your cat has more room. Easy-peasy, problem solved!

Anonymous said...

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