Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hippity hoppity giveaway

tree 3
Hello girlfriends! Ive been working on some easter treats for a special swap I'm doing with a few girls. and I decided to make and extra something special for an easter giveaway!
tree 2
cant say what it will be, though I do know.. but you will have to be surprised. I promise it will be cute as a button though..
well, really, it will be cuter then a button.!
easter tree
DO you like my little easter tree? this one sits in my kitchen window, then I have another one on top of the entertainment center and another one that I took to work today to decorate my office with ! Then I saw another one that Im wishing for.. it's really big... and very expensive.. at 125.00, I guess thats a lot for an easter tree but boy would I love to have it!! However, if I were to BLOW the money on it, which I'm so not going to do, then I would be overwhelmed by its size and would be hemming and hawing about where to put it and what to put on it, and then Id be in pursuit of buying, making or swapping for more ornaments, and all of the above could be stressful! so I must must must stop thinking about that beautiful light springy green, big ole easter tree. yes.. i must.
easter glitter!
Soooo... anyways.. short and sweet here tonight...
back to the giveaway.. leave your comments on this post.. or any others that I might post this week and I will pick a winner on sunday.
I feel like I'm behind again in visiting.. but truthfully, I'm not.. Ive been keeping up on google reader the last few days, but have not left any comments.. or not many anyways.
I seem to be bouncing from the computer to the craft table to bed to work! Is it friday yet???
anyways.. leave your comments and check back sunday for the winner!
huggles and hope the rest of all your weeks go well!
night night..sleep tight!


mIzZ(hONeY)bEe that's ME aka mArLEnE said...

Hi Viv...just popped in to say "hello" and I love your easter tree...need to get some of my easter things down...but with a bad leg I can't do the attic yet..hopefully next week...have a honey of a night~sweet dreams! Marlene

Sandy said...

I love the tree!!!! I saw one that was pink at Home Goods and my friend I was with wouldn't let me buy it, she thought it was horrible....we are exact opposites, I guess that is why we make good friends....1970 was when we met! LOL Those little ornaments with the chicks in the eggs are my favorite! :) Sandy

Diane Mars said...

Oh Viv I LOVE your giveaways always something so creative and I do love a surprise... I think that it was a smart idea to pass on a larger tree for Easter I love the one you have on your post it is so sweet~ Hugs, Diane

JunqueMagnet said...

Love that tree.Such sweet decorations!Thanks for sharing.

Swirly Designs said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Love your little tree but are vote is to get the bigger Easter tree we have five Easter/Spring tree here at the studio and we just love them.
Lianne & Paul

Suz said...

What an incredible Easter tree! I want one but I have no ornaments...hard to believe! Thanks for sharing your cuties...just love them!!

suzeeez said...

I love your little Easter tree and I think the little sugared chicks wearing hats are adorable! Please include me in your give away .
Happy Spring ! Sue

Paula Clare said...

Hi Viv,
Your decorations are SO cute. I just love the way holidays overrun your house! Mine (is usually) the same way!

LOVE the glittery little ducks (or are they chicks?) ADORABLE! Hugs!

Jane said...

Hi, Viv! Love your Easter tree and the other decorations, especially the glittery ones - so cute! You're probably right about sticking with the small trees - just the right size. A large one might be overwhelming!

Friday's coming, so hang in there and then enjoy the weekend!

Jean said...

Hi Viv... Your Easter tree is sooo cute! I am a new viewer to your blog and I just love it. Your Torry pie is a cutie and the things your make are adorable! I know I will be visiting often! May I enter your give away even if I don't have a blog myself? I so hope so!

Thanks for your wonderful blog: Jean from The Calico Cottage (want a be blog,lol)

Jingle said...

Your Easter tree is absolutely delightful!

Kai said...

You KNOOOOOW I'm itching to win THIS one! So here I am, posting to be SURE I'll have a chance. I'll be gone from this afternon till Friday the 1st, so - waaaahhhh! - I can comment ONLY on this post. Still, win or NOT win, I will be thrilled for ANYONE lucky enough to get something you created! FOR REAL! LOVE your kitchen tree. Also love YOU, YOU, YOU!

Cindy said...

I really like your Easter tree. I keep thinking that I'm going to make/buy one and never get to it. Those little chicks are4 so cute.

It's almost the weekend! Yeah!


Hi Viv,
WOW your Easter tree is so sweet and you have 2 more! I haven't even started to decorate for Easter. SNOWED yesterday :(
Thanks for having a giveaway! You make the sweetest treasures!

Anonymous said...

If that big Easter tree goes on sale, it was meant to be yours. Just sayin'.


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

love your trees!!I thought about keeping out one of my alpine trees from xmas and decorate it for holidays and such and then I realized.....more work for me re: ornaments!!

barbara burkard said...


Dolly said...

Awwww I love your cute trees Viv!
I better get my bunnies and chicks and stuff out before easter is over.

Count me in on your give away, anything you make is cuter than a button! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi viv, absolutely love your blog. I look forward to each and every post. Buy the tree, we only go around once, and I especially want to see how you'd decorate it Happy spring to everybody

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot my name to the post above. Margie wachter that's me

Luv2Shop said...

Hi Viv,
I love your little tree and all your handmade little people! You are an artist and I would be honored to be entered in your drawing!!

Kim Budash said...

Would love, love, love to win this. Please count me in. Thanks!

Lydia said...

Count me in Vivian!:) I would also want such a beautiful feather tree, which I am thinking that it is:)

I don't even know how you do what you do. You are amazing!

Your little green decorated Easter tree looks wonderful:)

xo Lydia

Lisa said...

I love looking at your cute Easter stuff! I can see the snow outside in the background of your picture. ugh.
Anyway ~ I would LOVE to be the lucky recipient of your giveaway. Hang in there - tomorrow's Friday!

Fran said...

Love your Easter tree. Easter is soon going to be here and I'm not even unpacked from moving.

I love reading and looking at all your art creations. You inspire me. I really really need to get my studio unpacked and back to creating BUT that will be awhile.
I'll keep getting my creative fix from you and your blog.

NanE said...

Oh, I'm drooling here over your tree! I can't imagine that anything you make wouldn't be too stinkin cute. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Viv! Your Easter goodies are just so cute!! So you! Anything you create is cuter than a button and just "Cotton Pickin Cute). Couldn't resist. I love you new blog look. The colors are so pretty. I have a terrible case of wantitis.

Hugs...Tracy :)

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Viv!

It IS an adorable Easter tree. I can't imagine how gorgeous the big one would be. It would be competition for your Christmas tree I'm sure!!

It's $125 now, but think it'll go on sale after Easter? May catch a big break.

Thanks for stopping by! Regarding your having wanted to do one for years....these books are total works in progress. There's no rush. It's not a project that needs to be finished for a specific deadline. That's what I love about them. You can work on one for years at your leisure. So, whenever you get a hour or two of "free" time, go ahead and start! It could be the thing you like to turn to when you need to de-stress or just don't feel like tackling a big project, but still feel like being creative.