Friday, April 15, 2011

ahhhhh... its friday!

goodmorning blogland gal pals! thank god its friday!

I do have to admit that I have woken up this morning with a headache and stiff neck. and at this moment am feeling just a wee bit nausous. I think it will all pass. A bowl of cereal and a hot shower should help. and I already took 2 extra strength excedrin.

Ive got plans for this weekend.. no time for feeling less then 100 %!! tomorrow I have easter shopping to do and tomorrow night were playing cards with our good friends. Sunday... uhhh.. I know I'm doing something, but suddenly cant remember what the heck it is! wow!

Still dont know what to get my kids for easter. it was so much easier when they were little. I do want to do an egg hunt, but have no clue what to put in the eggs!! I'll figure it out.

so anyways.. just wanted to say a quick good morning and wish everyone a happy weekend! I'll be back later!



Cindy said...

Hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your weekend.

I still get my kids candy for Easter. And maybe a little gift. You know, even though they are grown, I think they like it. Family tradition and all!

Kim K. said...

I love that sweet picture of you and your kitty all snuggled in your bathroom. Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. I'll be posting all kinds of lovely pictures of your Easter basket on my blog tomorrow.

Thank you again! I've already gotten all kinds of compliments on my bottlecap pin at work this morning. HUGS!!

Fran said...

Sorry you are feeling ughy! Hope the hot shower helped. It sure did help my shoulders and neck this morning. Going shopping with my daughter in law for curtains for our new house. This moving thing has been a Three Ring Circus and it's not over yet. LOL LOL! You take care of yourself and have a GREAT FUN Weekend.
Fran who is slowly getting back on the computer. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Friday Sweetness!

YIPPEE for a kitty pic!


Terri said...

Ah hope your feeling better!
I miss doing the Easter thing. I know you will make Torey's first Easter a grand one! Take time to smell the Spring flowers! Hugs, Terri

Stephanie said...

Sorry about the headache. You have such an awesome attitude!

kandeland said...

OMG! you're growing a cat on your boob! hehe!
sorry i never got back to you about the weekend...things have been so hectic. just got back from a jazz concert and in the morning i'm going to my favorite monk's house for a ceremony! have fun Easter shopping though!! feel better too, xoxoxo nat

Susan said...

Ouch, to your daughter, that was some fall. I sure hope she is better. And the baby is just adorable. My gosh, they grow so fast.

Have a good weekend.

Lydia said...

Hi-Viv. Kitty looks so warm and comfy in your sweater:) My Kiska kitty just went upstairs to get his favorite bumblebee toy for me. It's raining here so he'd just assume be on my lap all day pushin' & purrin'.

Thank you for your very warm congratulatory words:)


PS- And yes, thank God it's Friday,haha- well now, Saturday!

martha brown said...

I'm pretty sure that it's morning sickness :) LOL -- I hope that you're feeling better and can enjoy your weekend!

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Hey Viv!
Enjoy the busy sounds like fun fun fun.
Hope you are feeling better soon.