Saturday, April 23, 2011

hippity hoppity easters on its way!

here comes peter cotton tail... hopping down the bunny trail! hippity hoppity easters on its way!

I have a little shopping to do today, as tomorrow is also my sons birthday. and tonight is game night at my friends house, so I need to pick up something to make.. probably stuff to make fruit and veggie pizzas.

last night we dyed easter eggs.. I do have pictures on my flickr if you want to see them. Its always so hard to decide which pics to put where! and I'm always afraid I put to many here and that it takes too long to load when some of you come to visit!

I've had so much fun creating cute eastery things this year! and I'm been in some pretty amazing swaps and I have sooo many awesome little easter treasures! just the thought of easter being over and having to put it all away makes me sad! well and, its overwhelming!!

then we enter the time of year that I dont have a lot of decorations hanging around. my family probably appreciates this! my house will be lacking in the cuteness department!

So what will you all be doing for Easter? do you cook and have family over? thats what will go on here.

I'll be cooking a big ham, mashed taters, asparagus, rosa marina salad, deviled eggs, cut up veggies, shrimp cocktail and bread or rolls and for dessert and because its my sons birthday a carrot cake.

Im also going to make some cut out sugar cookies today, because I have the cutest sprinkles to use!

If the weather cooperates, I'll be making my kids look for eggs outside. heehee.. they are not all excited about doing this! I told big torry that I had bought them all bunny ears and that they had to wear them while they were looking.. he believed me! haha! but it is a good idea isnt it!?

I still have to pick up some lottery tickets for all of the easter baskets. 10 baskets I have to do. thats just too many! I suggested to Bethany and tiffany that next year we do secret bunnies and each of us will be responsible for filling an awesome easter basket for someone else, with like a 50.00 limit. they liked that idea.. and sooooo dooooo I!!!! the guys might struggle a little with it.. but we'll help them out a little.

Anyways.. I ve got to run.. I really wish I didnt have to go out, but I do.. then when I get home I have stuff to do. I guess I'm officially done easter creating for this year. I have a couple projects waiting on the side lines. I hope to start the first one this afternoon!

I'll be back tomorrow to wish everyone a happy easter!

see yas then!


kathy said...

and congratulations to your dtr and new son -in law !! Lovely doins -- will be having fun with all my children and my 4 grands --
Hugs all around Kathy - ga ♥

Kai said...

Oh, Viv! I WISH I could go walk through your house! If it makes me THIS happy just seeing the PICTURES of all your adorable stuffies, THINK how happy I'd be seeing them up close! But you are SO WRONG when you say after Easter when there's not a lot of decorating that your house will be lacking in cuteness. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! As long as YOU are in that house, there will be an abundance of cuteness! I LOVE YOU, and wish you & your sweet family a BEAUTIFUL EASTER! P.S. I DOOOOO think the bunny ears are a GOOD idea! LOL!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great day you will all have tomorrow! Your Easter things are all so cute. I have trouble putting such cuteness away.

Happy Easter!

Diane Mars said...

Everything looks so delightful and ah.. so whimsical. I have my Easter pincushion out this year that I won in your giveaway, again thank you sweet one! oxox, Diane

Kim K. said...

Happy Easter, Viv! Your decorations are just beautiful. So many delightful items. The girls and I made chocolate-covered peeps this morning. Thank you for sharing that idea. YUMMY!! Have a blessed Sunday celebrating Easter and your son's birthday.

Samantha said...

Happy Easter wishes to you too! Looks like you have a fun day planned!
I was hoping it would be warm enough for a water fight, but sadly no...still too cool. :) It'll be a fun day anyway...and loud!

Annesphamily said...

I love the sweet chick Nane won at your giveaway! You are a talented gal! Happy Easter! Sounds ike you are very busy! Have a terrific weekend! Hugs Anne

Susan said...

Everything is just too cute.

Happy Easter!

Cindy said...

Viv, you have the cutest Easter collection. And I am still amazed at how much you get done, with a full time job too. Can I borrow some of your energy? LOL!

I'll be cooking Easter dinner, pretty much what you are having, also with a carrot cake. It's my husband's fav.
Happy Easter.

NanE said...

WHIRRR, WHIRRR, WHIRR, Do you hear that? That's the sound of the cute police because there is just too much CUTE going on in this post! I was so bad this year! I don't know where the time went. I got all of the Easter Decorations out of the attic the first of April and hardly put a thing out. UGH! I'm so mad at myself. I didn't even get my kitchen window decorated! :( Well now I guess I will just have to decorate it for Memorial Day! xxoo Nan