Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ok.. all better now!

front cover

Omg!! its going to be 77 out today and partly sunny!!!!! I have to go to work, but I think I can do a bunch of homevisits so I wont be totally stuck inside! heehee.. I told natalea I was going to wear my bathing suit to work.. haha.. not!

inside cover

this is the project I started after my last post two nights ago.. Ive had this kit for a year now, and finally its a good time to work on it!
page one

I love these papers and used them for one of Elizabeths tag swaps too. arent they adorable?
page two

I dont know why I didnt start this sooner. I picked the kit up at a creating keepsakes convention. I have another book from two years ago that I think I'll do as soon as this one is finished.
page three

the convention is coming up again soon, I think in may or june, so I m hoping that maybe they have some other cute book kits, maybe one for torry pie!

OK.. just wanted you to know that Im in a better mood, though I do have to share I've got more craziness going on here.. got a new piece of news yesterday from another child of mine.. it never stops.. will let you in on that little secret later.

also, my sweet sister, whose husband has cancer is really struggling. so if you could send up a little prayer for them I'd appreciate it. she just needs a little bright spot in her days...

OK! Hi ho hi ho.. its off to work I go!!

have a great day!


Jingle said...

It's supposed to be in the 70's today here, too! I am SO HAPPY about that! It is humid, but I refuse to complain because it's better than COLD! I love your project! So cute!

Kim K. said...

It's raining cats/dogs here in West MI. I'm so happy that you get glorious temps. Good for you!! Looks like a great project. The vintage images are just darling. You can't keep us hanging long on the latest news with your kiddos. I'm on pins and needles.

Samantha said...

That book is amazing!!! Those papers are just too retro adorable!

Enjoy that's good for the soul. :) Sunny and warm here today too...Yay!

And of course I will say a prayer for your sister.

kandeland said...

love the recipe book! let me know when the convention is if you hear word ok?
hang in there Viv! (i just heard a tornado warning is in effect!) xo

Mica said...

hope your Easter was fun...I looked at your Flickr your project...very nice pages and so glad your in a better mood. I will surely keep your sister's hubby in sorry he is not doing well...sigh...ugs dearest!

Anonymous said...

That kit is so cute!

With children, life is never boring.


kathy said...

Glad you are feeling better !! I think when lots of change happens
(you've had change! -I've had change --all God's children got change !) that everything tilts on it's axis - Like you I feel out of sorts sometimes -- then when I think of the blessings __I am humbled -- HUgz to ya -- OH your project is wonderful -- I too have kits , never worked on -- YOU INspire me !! Kathy - ga ♥

Cindy said...

So glad you're doing better. I really like the project you did. Great papers!

I will be praying for your sister and her husband.

Have a great day. Enjoy the sunshine.

A Vintage Chic said...

FABULOUS creating, my friend! I love the Graphic 45 papers--Domestic Goddess is one of my favorites! I use that paper constantly...

So glad you're getting a bit of warm weather today! Enjoy it all...


barncat said...

Wish we had a little of your warm weather here, I'm sooo ready for Spring to finally get here!

Love, love, love your project, wonderful!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

So glad you're feeling better - it's no wonder with that adorable recipe binder. Love its vintage feel. Sunshine sure does help to cheer a body up, doesn't it? Hope the sun continues to shine brightly upon you!

Lydia said...

Just read something about people who have seasonal lows. Wondering about that.

Anywho, your books came out beautifully! Glad you are feeling better.:)

xo Lydia

Lydia said...

Sorry- I was wondering about it with people in general, and myself.haha

Jacqueline said...

Hi there VIV!
One thing I've always loved about your blog is your REAL LIFE adventures. People connect with that. Goodness, you make the cutest stuff but you also show us the real you and I love that. Gosh...I sound like Jennifer on American Idol.
Love to you...always,
The Girl with the curl

Whimsical Creations said...

How pretty!! The weather has been so crazy lately. Glad it is finally starting to warm up some.

Tracy Suzanne said...

The book is so pretty! And I'm really glad to hear your feeling better. I'm sorry about your brother-in-law and am sending a prayer up for them.

Love and hugs...T :)

P.S. Lovin the new blog look!