Monday, April 25, 2011

sigh....just whining here..

what do you think it is? post holiday let down? too much rain? not enough sun? a stressful last week? my daughters wedding?? a little discontentment?? people irritating me?? hmmm.. I dont know.. but Im not feeling my normal cheerful self.
where is my freaken fairy god mother? I need a trip to where the sun is shining and its warm out.. I need to win the lottery!! Yeah, she doesnt exist..... never did. (I just really like to pretend! I like to pretend i'm a princess too.. but sometimes when reality hits... its pretty disappointing! lol!)
I think its been raining for weeks and its supposed to keep raining allll this week! theres never going to be any flowers this year.. they're all gonna drowned!
just call me debbie downer today! I think I could almost handle the rain if it was warm enough to sit on the porch and look at magazines or something.
I think I'll go eat some freaken chocolate candy! just what this fat old body needs!! lol! yes, perhaps chocolate for dinner would be good.
send me some sunshine girlfriends!!
PS I dont what any one to really worry, because I am fine, just a little whiney. I am still oh so grateful for my life as it is.. I must just be tired! oh, and cold and wet! lol!


Annesphamily said...

The rain and this extra ton of weight I put on this winter are bringing me down! So I am glad I came over. I hope your week will be terrific. I hope you have your chocolate for dinner! I hope all your dreams come true and we can both sit back and smile for a long while! You are very blessed and very loved here in blog land. Anne


I feel the same way about the weather here. One or two nice days, than "BAM" cold, rain, snow..just never know now in MN!

Valarie said...

Girl....I am with you!! I woke up with a tummy ache, I felt blah and ugly. I ate a whole bag of sugared marshmallows (seemed to help my tummy).....I am on my way to eat Mexican food, maybe that will help? I will let you know!! xxoo Valarie
p.s. sometimes we need to be Debbie Downers!!!!

Sue said...

thanks for your wonderful post, really, it is so nice to know that not everything in your life and most of ours is not cheery, but that the doldrums come into play every once in awhile.....and then to hear your music kick in...."my redeemer lives", brings that glimmer of hope and awe that, even in the midst of the bad days or bad moods they too will leave us, and through it all we can trust and believe that our redeemer does indeed live....and chocolate helps too, to bring us back to the light....thanks for keeping it real. sueg

Cindy said...

Can't send you any sunshine from here. It's been raining forever in Indiana too. At least it's going to be warm. But I can sympathize. When you're trying to do it all, sometimes you just need something, or someone to do it all for you! How's that?

Judy Miller said...

I would be glad to send Texas that needs rain some of this we are getting here in Indiana. I agree with Cindy it has been raining forever!! Got a new deck 3 weeks ago and have got to sit on it 2 times:( All I got to say is the May flowers better be spectular with all these April showers!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

I've been feeling the same way, my friend. I know the dreary dismal weather has something to do with it. Maybe a lot to do with it.
And, no money will REALLY do it. The house has sucked just about every bit of money we have or can get. Huge sigh.
Plus, you have had A LOT going on, my friend, and all at once. You should be so proud of yourself. You have done so well with everything. No wonder you're feeling a bit burnt out. I say you are entitled! I think you need a trip to wherever you get cool magazines from. Get at least one good one and come home and laze around looking at your magazine/magazines. Also, I think Mexican food (as Valarie suggested) sounds perfect!
Plus, I'm going to go out the next time the sun is out here and lasso some just for you. : )
All my love, my friend,

April Mechelle said...

Viv, You have been a fast train on a run away track !!!! lol You have had some busy weeks... I would send you sunshine but we are to start with Hail and high winds tomorrow and Tornadoes by Wednesday. It has been in the high 80's here in Bama. I will try and send the the high temps... can't count on the sunshine.. sorry..

Kim K. said...

I love the idea of a trip filled with sunshine. Sending you some virtual (((((hugs)))))

kandeland said...

there's nothing wrong with a little whining now and then! I know, this rain is nuts! If it comes with thunder I like it, but I'm definitely missing the sun! I've had a heck of a week too..this year has been weird so far, hasn't it?!? it better get better! come on fairy godmother, where the hell are ya?!
hang in there Viv!! xoxo

Suz said...

I think you need some candy. I just finished off the peanut butter M and M's. Seriously, I think there is a letdown. Also, for those of us who love to create, many of the "fun" holidays are over now. Christmas, Valentine's Day, I must wait until Halloween! Hope it passes soon because you are a dear person and deserve to feel well!
Big hugs,

Kai said...

Some whining frees the soul! And we LOVE you, so whine anytime you NEED to! Better YET ... let's switch places for a couple of weeks! We are in the 90s with HORRID humidity and a monstrous drought that is causing wildfires EVERYWHERE. No rain to speak of since - GASP - last OCTOBER! This weather is IN-FREAKIN'-SANE! Sooooo - please, may I borrow a cup of chilly rain? I'll trade it for a cup of dry heat! LOVE YOU!

michelle said...

I think it is lack of sun! Chocolate is for sure the perfect cure!