Thursday, April 7, 2011

just busy

easter chicks

Gosh, I feel like Ive neglected all my bloggy pals and my blog! Ive been busy, though I dont know with what! just life in general I guess. I baby sat tonight for my little Torry pie.. omg.. he is soooo awesome. I pray for him everyday to have a blesssed happy, healthy, successful life.. I feel like I cant begin to pray enough for him! I must have felt the same about my own children, but I feel so much more aware of LIFE then I did with my own. I guess with our own, we learn as we go and with our grandchildren, theres so much we already know.. in some ways thats good, but in others, for me anyways... that just gives me more to worry about!

for marlene

I've been busy (like a bee, heehee) working on my giveaways for Marlene and Nan... they are finished and wrapped up.. just waiting for me to find the right size boxes and get to the PO!

for Nan

I also finished up my swappy gifts for my swap buddie Kelly and for my friend Lori. and I finished up my ornies for the easter ornie swap! I hope everyone likes everything! I still have a little something left to do to go with my easter tag swap to Tamera. ornieswap

I'm trying to decide what to do with my own family for easter this year. Im thinking an egg hunt is in order. they will think they are too old for one, but they will surely indulge their mother.. besides there might be money in the eggs! I guess I'm going to do easter breakfast and easter dinner. the only thing about my kids growing up and getting their own lives is that I have to share them.. I dont mind sharing them. but I dont like to on holidays! I was thinking about getting some jump ropes and nerf guns.. maybe even some sidewalk

easter fun!

I'm so glad tomorrow is friday. I was on call this week, though I cant complain cause I never had to go out. I took a bunch of reports but that was it! Im going to see the albion school musical tomorrow night of Peter Pan, and saturday is girls day out with my two best friends. No clue where we are going or what we are doing though! Then saturday night I'll probably go see Royharts musical Suessical. Sunday.. I'll hopefully stay home for the day.

all wrapped up and ready to go!

for now.. its bedtime, and figgy is waiting for me very impatiently! he paces and meows and jumps up and down on me right around 11:15 every night. then he races me to the bedroom when he knows thats where I'm headed! hes so funny!

OK.. I'm off for now..


oh wait.. what the heck with american idol!? what is wrong with people!? (I didnt vote.. so I really am not allowed to complain..) but GEEZ!!!!!! I'm so mad that PIA is off!

ok goodnight!


April Mechelle said...

Viv, isn't it great to babysit!!! I will have my 2 tomorrow. I can't wait. All your Easter things are so cute!!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow & weekend!!

Kim K. said...

Your work is beautiful. I've been enjoying your blog and pouring through your past entries. I've been off this week on spring break and your basket and goodies were put in the mail yesterday. No pressure. I've had more time than usual. My 12 year old is equally annoyed with tonight's American Idol results. We've never voted either, but we like complaining.

Happy soon-to-be Friday.

PS. My husband is a social worker too. I loved reading that in your profile.

Angela said...

I came to ooh and ahhh and feel jealous of your swap friends that are getting the cutest chickies!! Then I found out Pia was voted off. I'm mad too! She should've WON!! Robbery!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Lots of happy pics over here, Viv. You're always up to something. I wish I had your energy!
And yes...grandbabies are one of God's priceless treasures. : ) Your little grandson is adorable.

jenneroni said...

Seussical isn't RoyHart's musical. They did Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago. Seussical is at The Palace. Tix are $15 adults/$13 students & srs. I hope Peter Pan is good. Sorry I didn't see it. I think we might be having Tony's kids at my house for the weekend. I have to call Anne and talk to her. Joy.

Cindy said...

Those chicks are sooo cute! And I love the bee too! Now I'm wondering what my kids would think of an Easter egg hunt. They would think I'm nuts, I'm sure. But with money...they may go for it! Have a good weekend, Viv, and don't forget to rest. OK?

NanE said...

Mornin Viv! Oh Em Gee, your little Easter creations are so cute and I can't believe I'm going to be the recipient of one of these cuties! I want to come to your house for Easter, it sounds like fun! Throw in some squirt guns and bubbles and what could be better! I have some awesome brunchy recipes if you need any: coffee cake, Charleston hash browns with shrimp, shrimp and Grits, YUMMO! Have a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Nan
PS, IS there such a thing as praying too much for our babies and grandbabies!

Suz said...

I was just waiting for my picture of Torry-Pie and no such luck!!! Those chickles, however, made me smile a whole lot! My daughter is getting her MSW this may, Viv. That is...we hope.She is behind on her project..yikes!

Anonymous said...

30 years you are just getting started. Hubby and I have been married 40 years!


Dianna said...

Those little chicks on an egg are super cute!! I saw them on PaperCakes Blog and had to visit! :)