Tuesday, April 12, 2011

inspired by sandy camarda!!

My very creative and awesome (and not to mention beautiful) friend Sandy Camarda made the sweetest little needlefelted bunny doll ornaments last week. YOu need to click on her name and go look at them! I just went nuts over them! I was soooo inspired by them that I got obsessed again thinking about them when Iwent to bed.. Its like I lie there planning just how I'm going to make something.. I almost look forward to going to bed sometimes just so I can think a project through.. no time to think like that during the day I guess!

anyways.. I finally got started on my little bunny girl last night and just finished her tonight. I was obsessed this morning making her little easter basket before I went to work, and really kept trying to think of ways to get out of going to work so I could stay home and finish her! but I had to go to work. so I finished her up tonight.

I have to say it was a crazy weekend here. my youngest son went out and bought an engagement ring for his sweet girlfriend. they have only been together 4 months! And then they told us they were going to get married this July! boy was my head spinning, trying to figure out how we were going to pull that off. but then her parents convinced them that they would have more money and be able to do more for them if they waited til next summer! and even told them they'd take them to Hawaii with them because they are going. I was so relieved! We would have worked something out.. but this is such a better plan! They are head over heels in love and want to be married now... eiy yie yie! but I do remember those days!

Lets see in other news my poor Jennifer fell last night on the sidewalk right on her face! she did quite a number! poor thing probably wouldnt be too happy that I posted this picture she took of herself..

so dont tell hermy poor girl!! she messed up her knee and her hands too. but shes a trooper and she went to work today.. teaching music to elementary kids.

heres a picture of her and her boyfriend on a better day! just cause she will kill me for posting the bad one! Love ya jennifer!! poor little princess. sorry you fell down.. my sweet and graceful girl♥

ok.. off I go for the night!

sweet dreams all!


Kim K. said...

Your bunny girl is divine. Brilliant job on all the little details. So much life happenings in your house!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love the wee bunny girl!

You have beautiful kids!


Jingle said...

Your bunny girl is absolutely precious!!! I love her!!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

It makes me feel so good to know that I inspired you :) Your bunny turned out soooo cute!!!! Poor Jennifer though!! That's got to hurt! Congrats to your Son! Now you will be busier than ever..lol!


kathy said...

OH lovely doins here -- Love pics of little Torrie pie --KAthy - ga ♥

Diane Mars said...

Very cute I did see Sandy's Creations and I fell in love with them, you two girls make the cutest Creations, the pictures of your children are just lovely you should be a proud mommy and grandma~ oxox, Diane

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am sooo Happy for them and I know you are very excited. I am so sorry about your daughter's fall. I hope she feels better very soon. She is so prety and loooks alot like you!!!


Hi Viv,
Another so very sweet creation! Who doesn't love bunny girls!?
I do love seeing your treasures.
Kids...sounds like a good plan to wait a year!!

Cindy said...

Your bunny is so cute. I love it! I'm sorry about your daughter - it looks painful.

Your son and his girlfriend look so sweet together. But I can understand the relief that they're waiting. No need to rush, right?

*Linda Pinda* said...

Love the bunny girl!!!

I think it's great your son and his girlfriend are so in love. I pray that never fades. Hubby and I couldn't wait and got married on 4 months notice. We're still madly in love 26+ years later. (but I'd want my kiddo to wait too... LOL)

Wow, your daughter looks just like you, huh? Hope her boo boos heal quickly.

GORGEOUS family Viv :)


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, You have become such a special needle felt artist, it just makes me awe in wonderment at your growing talent. This little bunny is definitely something extra special. I love the photo of your daughter. Boy does she ever have your expression down pat! I always think you have died your hair when I see a photo of her! Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding. What are these kids doing to us? Thank you so much for stopping by today. It's been very tough not crafting, but my hands are saying yippy skippy. Thank goodness for all the lovlies here to look at! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

Whimsicalnotions said...

omg (squeeling here) that bunny girl is a treasure she is a forever bunny girl that one.Congrats on your sons engagements my sone dids that to me lasty year they were engaged in june and married in september.Commiserations on your poor daughters fall and for you when she sees you blogged it.Happy easter