Sunday, January 29, 2012

marlaina princess pie

marlaina princess pie
good morning everyone! Marlaina came down stairs all ready for church this morning. Isnt she beautiful?
I've been up since before 5:00.. woke up with another stuffy nose and couldnt breath, so I got up. which was good. I finished the penquin cake topper.. I hope they like it.. I think its cute, but pretty silly looking.
we have a birthday party today for my son Tonys girlfriend Vanessa. They are the ones who are pregnant that I've asked you to pray for. I'm afraid it might be hard today as we havent all been together with them since they got the first news 4 weeks ago. It might be awkward for everyone as princess marlaina and Torry pie will be here. so i'm praying for peaceful, loving, sweet and kind hearted spirits with in everyone today. I cant take the stress other wise!
so Ive got to make a cake, a huge pan of lasagna and a couple loaves of garlic bread. Its going to be hard not to eat too much of all that! There will be salad too..... I will try to eat mostly salad.....
(yeah right! lol!)

princess pie 3
so.. I suppose I should go make my bed now that hubby is up and get myself ready for the day!
Happy Sunday Everyone!!


Lisa said...

Love the penguin topper - how cute!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Your topper turned out fabulous! I love it :)

Marlaina is so pretty! What a little beauty!

I know it might be hard today so I will keep you all in my prayers.


Jacqueline said...

Ugh, I am knocking myself in the head again. I love to come for a visit and I can't find time to come often enough. I'm gonna go back, way back and enjoy the journey this week reading you blog.

Look at that cutie pie! I'm getting a little boy cutie pie in first and I can hardly wait!

Cheers to your day ahead. I know you'll handle it on a wing and prayer plus I'll send fairy dust too to keep the day light and happy.

Kim K. said...

Sending prayers your way today. Sounds like a mix of emotions, all mixed with your yummy food. Your cake topper turned out adorable. Marlaina is just precious.

Extra hugs!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

That little baby is beautiful, your cake topper turned out beautifully, and your day sounds wonderful! I will pray for a no stress day. Enjoy the food and family and be thankful for everything. When I feel overwhelmed I think of how some people are sitting home alone today with nobody to reach out to! That usually works for me! So go and have some fun, you deserve it!!!
Big hugs,

Debby said...

That baby is so cute. Love looking at newborns little faces.....they are so serious.
Who wouldn't love that topper. Adorable.
Maybe it will do your son and his girl some good to see the babies. Their little one still has a heartbeat so there is still hope.
Hope you can enjoy the day and feel better. You are always so busy. (((((HUGS))))

My Vintage Mending said...

She is so beautiful. Can't you just see her and Tory running around the kitchen. Have a wonderful day filled with all your blessings topped with a nice portion of lasagna. Penguins are perfect!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Aww..2 cuties you showed today!
Your little Grand and the topper!
I pray that the day will be peaceful and loving too!

Diane Mars said...

Viv, I bet it's hard to keep from not wanting ti just shake those young adults and say just what are you thinking! I do know if it was me I would terminate but strangely when my stepdaughter was pregnant we just kinda discussed what if... and she said she would go full term. Believe me I was very surprised by that answer. But remember your son's girl comes from a different place you know different parents just like my stepdaughter. I hope your party goes well with no crazy emotions. Hey your Wedding topper is darling. You are such an artist! ox

Kai said...

You have SUCH pretty grandchildren, Viv! With Torry, I have - since the first time I SAW him - wanted to TICKLE him so he'd giggle for me! He's such a lil' bundle of CUTENESS! With Marlaina, I want to (don't laugh) SMELL her lil' skin. She makes me remember all the sweet baby-girl smells from when my daughter was that age. Sigh. When did I get so freakin' OLD? Maybe today will lift your son's & his wife's spirits. It will be good for them to be with the family. That HAD to be a horribly difficult decision for them, but I know with all of you to love them through whatever happens, they will ultimately be okay. Will you do me a favor, please ma'am? When you hug them, will you give them both an extra lil' squeeze from me? It'll be my loving prayer to them, but they don't need to KNOW. You & I will know! I LOVE YOU, VIVVY! And eat some of everything. You don't have to deprive yourself - you can just eat the portions you know are sensible! It's not good to deprive yourself! Sending you hugs!!!

kathy said...

VIv your creation is lovely -- Praying for a blessed day !! JOy and sorrow intermingles sometimes -- praying for peacefulness -- you are awesome - Kathy - ga ♥

ImagiMeri said...

Hi girlfriend,

I'm keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers pretty lady. One look at that gorgeous baby girl and you just have to believe that all is right in the world, and that miracles can and do happen.

God Bless, and please take care of yourself.

Love ya'

grammycarolynn (flickr) said...

Thank you so much, Vivian, for your flickrmail! I'm going to have so much fun exploring!
Hopefully, one of these days, I will figure out how to start a blog...I've picked out it's name and that's about all.
When the time comes, I only hope that it's half as wonderful as yours!
Blessings, sweet friend!

Lori said...

Marlaina is beautiful! And those penguins are adorable! Hope your day was wonderful...