Saturday, January 14, 2012

trying to perk myself up here!

its soo cute!
Ive missed three days of work this week and didnt even feel good enough to blog or create in my craft room! when I'm home sick, I like to be well enough to at least play a little bit. darn it.
I did manage to put christmas away.. well, to take it down and box it up.. its still all in bins on the front porch and there is still the porch and outside to take care of, but I'm not feeling well enough to be out in the snow taking stuff down.
I also managed to get decorated for valentines day. but I have to say, it took me allllll week long to do what I would have normally done in one day!
I went to the dr. yesterday and got an antibiotic for my sinus's and throat. Hoping it'll kick in soon. I've had three doses now. Thankfully its a three day weekend.. (Marin Luther King Day). So I should be much better before I have to go back to work on tuesday.
I'm planning on playing with my valentines supplies when I finsih here. I need to stay busy and out of the kitchen. Im back on weight watchers and doing the biggest loser at work again. the first week i lost 5 pounds.. but since I've been sick Ive been wanting to eat.. sweets and comfort food... so I may have a little set back here! but its ok.. its the beginning and I will be fine.
I still havent been able to maul my new grand daughter.. I just need to keep my distance til this thing is out of me.. but I will make up for lost time! she is sooo cute!
another valentine tree
I mentioned before that there is snow here... Not that I missed it, because I DID NOT! but we usually have had lots of snow by now. Weve had like almost none up to yesterday. now its cold, snowy and blustery out. all good reasons to stay home!
and so.. I do believe I will stay in jammies or something equally as comfortable and just hang at the house playing with my valentines projects!
poor little ol'me!  ah choo!
Have a great day all!
stay warm!


Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh Viv, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I am usually sick back to back all fall through late spring with these things. I hope you are well soon so you can enjoy the new little one. I just found out yesterday i am going to be a grandma again. I was so excited. After my son told me the news I said "Ooooooh, little Julie is on her way!" He just laughed. They all just laugh. So far two grandsons and one precious granddaughter named Hailey, (who actually is a mini me in all ways) but no Julie . . .

Cindy said...

Viv, I sure hope you feel better soon. It is so hard not to be loving on the grandbabies! Your Valentines stuff is wonderful, so many good ideas. I need to gather up what I've made for the swap and decide what to add. Have a nice, relaxing weekend!


Debby said...

With all that you have been through this week, I would say you have done a whole lot.
Your pictures.......I am so in love with your beautiful things. I thought I loved the dolls in the shelf and I did but the tree with the teddy bears.......I love so much. What kind of bears are they. Did you make any of them. Rest, and heal so you can see your new grandbaby.

kathy said...

Viv , glad you are some better -- Stay warm !!! Love your valentines things -- so sweet
Kathy - ga ♥

Fitra2009 said...
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jeanet said...

Hoi Vivian! I hope that the medicine will do there work quickly! And you will be feeling a lot better! It's a difficult time with all tragic news around the pregnancy of your son's girlfriend.
So you're hart needs time and you're body too. Rest and a lot of loving and comforting you need. And when you are better than there's is a little girl who looks like a little fairy waiting for you to be cuddled! And of course little Torry pie! And I find your Valentijn things so adorable and so pretty! I'll try to make some of my one. Loving greetings from Holland, Jeanet Vink. And no snow here! Maybe you can send some to us hi,hi,hi! (My son is loving that stuff)

Kim K. said...

Get better soon, sweetie. Enough is enough with those germs. Hopefully, the meds help. Your Valentine decorations are just lovely. Definitely inspiring. We're finally enjoying a good old fashioned winter in West MI. It took a long time to get here. Hugs.

papertrails leaver said...

feel better soon! Hugs! :-) Amy

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Take care of that cold. I can't believe you have a valentine tree too. wow. xox Corrine

kandeland said...

aw man! still feeling bad?! And now this winter weather...try not to let it get you down! I went out and played in the snow with Scarlet today and shoveled and it knocked me out! I feel exhausted, but I keep pounding the Vitamin C drinks because Scarlet missed school last week and I don't want any more sickness! Get better Viv! Take good care of yourself. xo nat

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so sorry you are sick! Ughhh!

I am swooning over all your Valentines decorations!

Feel better Sweetie!


My Vintage Mending said...

You must feeling much least your Valentines look fantastics. Have a wonderful weekend. Smiles...Renee

Bring Pretty Back said...

You poor girl! Too sick to blog! Oh no!
Feel better soon!
Love your valentine decorations!Have a pretty day!

Mica said...

awww sweet Viv...Hope you are on a mend...Love your valentine decor....I <3 it....Hey our taffy was cherry flavored...yummy but not right consistancy. any hoo. I will be keeping you in my thoughts praying you will be well and your old chipper self again. Hugs your way! mica

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!


Kai said...

When I am QUEEN I am going to declare NO MORE SICKNESS FOR MY FRIENDS! Only MEAN people will get sick. And they will be SO sick they start REGRETTING their mean ways & start being nice which means I can be their friends (because MY friends are ALL nice) and once they're my FRIENDS, they won't get sick anymore! Whew! Heehee! Feel better, sweet lil' Viv! LOVE YOU! And I love your Valentine pretties!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Awwww...Viv, hope you're better soon. If you're gonna be sick, may as well make the most of it and curl up, get snuggle-bunnied, and enjoy all the comforts of home.

I won't be able to decorate for VD this year as our house is in chaos due to renovations. We still have our tree up! No place to put it!!

So, thanks for letting me live vicariously through you and enjoy all the festive Valentine decor!

Lisa said...

Hope you are feeling better Viv. You must really feel bad if you aren't even up for crafting! ;)

Holly Loves Art said...

Aw sweetie I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Just loved seeing all your pretty pictures. Your Valentine tree is precious!!!!

Lori said...

Such cute and fun things! Love valentines... So sorry you're feeling icky and hope you are better soon! You gotta get back to that sweet grandbaby!

Julie said...

Hope you recover fast so you can enjoy that adorable baby!