Thursday, May 24, 2012

i got mail!

kitty from meri
From Meri!!  Remember I won her give away a while back?  I was so excited because she is so talented!    It took me a couple days to pick out an image.  I was leaning towards something halloweenish, but I'm so glad I changed my mind and went for this sweet kitten.    and, this is no little kitten... Its really quite large!  I was very surprised!  not sure exactly where he will be living yet.. but i am thinking probably in my craft room where I can keep an eye on him!  He needs a name.... hmmmmmmm.. I need to think about that.
chick and seeds
Meri sent lots of other goodies too!  she sent the Annalee chick above and a giant package of flower seeds!  ( I just so happen to be planning on doing some gardening this weekend... so great timing!)
vintagey fabric
She also sent a pile of vintage fabrics, these great trims...and a glittery black cat halloween garland!!
and... if all that isnt already enough... look what else was packed in that BIG box!  a wonderful sweet crocheted blanket for my babies and a great piece of white mohair that I will most definitely use to make a special bear! 
im so cute
Really Meri, you spoiled me!  thank you so much!!!
So in other news.. this girlie pie is definitely under the weather.. SORE throat, headache and slight fever yesterday and last night.. not feeling any better today, though no fever right now.   I have to go to work though and spread my germs because I have things I have to do today.
and with that said.. I guess Id better get moving!
have a nice day


Terri said...

Lucky more ways than one! Hope the yuck goes away fast. Have a great weekend my friend!

Perfectly Printed said...

Meri sure took good care of you!! Can't wait to hear what you name her.
Feel better!


Debby said...

Oh what a cute kitten. I saw it on her blog as well. She is talented. How sweet was that package. You are so deserving.

April said...

Wow!!! Cute things that came in the mail!! Hope you get to feeling better soon..

Kim K. said...

Darling treasures from Meri. Get better, sweetie. I hope you can leave work early and take care of yourself!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Miss Meri sure knows how to pack a package....I love your new kitty. His expression is perfectly captured. I do hope you get to feeling better soon...smiles...Renee

vintage grey said...

Oh, it is so sweet, and what goodies she sent your way!! Hope you feel better and can get some rest!! xo Heather

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Meri is so talented! I'm happy for you that you received such a generous package from her!
Feel Better Soon,

Kai said...

That's a TOP NOTCH goodie box! Meri is not only talented, she's very generous! I hope my Vivvy feels better FAST! Kai looooves you!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Sounds like your package came just in time for some cheering up! It's all such a package of fun!!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, you could not have received a more perfect gift for your craft room. We have loved your kitty posts forever! One talented artist that Meri! E

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Vivian. You are Sandy's American friend right? And you get to meet LuLu and the girls next month. How wonderful is that?
Nice to meet you.
I saw that you have 2 Siamese fur babies. This gift is peeeerfect for you. I'll have to check Meri out.
Enjoy all your sweet goodies.
Love Claudie.

Sandy Michelle said...

That is one cool cat! I hope you're better soon! Oh and no need to bring anything. I just hope you will be able to attend!

Have a great long-weekend!


Flora said...

WOW!!!! You hit the jackpot Viv!!! Meri is such a talented and generous soul, lucky you!!!

Fran said...

WOW! WOW! You are one Lucky Lady to have won. The cat is adorable and all the other stuff is fantastic. Hope you are feeling better. Not fun being sick and having to work to.
Luv & Hugs

Lydia said...

I think Kitty should go in Dr. Seus's baby room! Or maybe Torrie-pie would love it in his room!

xoxoxo Lydia

Rhissanna said...

Wow! Congratulations and what a gorgeous heap of treasure from the giveaway! I hope you're feeling better today. If you're in the mood for more giveaway, I'm having one for my blogoversary... Just sayin'.

Jeanne said...

That kitten is so freakin' cute! Sorry you're not feeling well. Maybe the hot weather this weekend will steam the ick out of you! Take care!

Chenille Cottage said...

My heart is going pitter patter at the sight of your cute little kitty cat! Meri just outdid herself with each loving item that she poured out on you. It has been a difficult year for you and I can't think of anyone who deserves all these extra special love pats, but you, sweet Vivian!
Blessings and big hugs,
Carolynn xoxoxoxoxo