Monday, May 28, 2012

sweet land of liberty

let freedom ring 
Finished my fairy garden last night.  Its so cute!   My friend Brenda and I went to Sarahs yesterday and got all our plants and some other little tidbits to put in the miniature gardens with them.  so much fun!
I decorated mine this morning for memorial day! lol!
what???  doesnt every one make tiny little patriotic banners to sting in their fairy gardens???

  fairy garden
Here is the garden before memorial day decorating!  
fairy garden 2
(I should have bought that snail Brenda!  now I'm going to have to make one!)

fairy garden 3
such fun!
well, I hope everyone has a great day today,.  We are heading out this afternoon to the beach for a picnic.  
unfortunetly, I am really not feeling well and had even considered canceling.  but I know it'll be nice to relax on the beach later.. so if I can just get past making and packing all this food... it hopefully will be worth it. 
I really would like to just lay down on the couch and go back to sleep.. but you know I wont.
Happy day girlie pies!


Perfectly Printed said...

Your fairy garden is soooo cute!! Hope you can relax at the beach and feel a little better!

Enjoy! chris

Denise Adorian said...

Hoping you feel better once you get the day going.My fairy planter gardens have never been as cute as yours.I think I know why though,I need more flowers and delicate plants.Yours is so lovely.

Jane said...

Love your fairy garden, Viv, and the patriotic banner - how sweet!
Hope you're feeling better real soon!
xoxo Jane

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh Viv I was so hoping by the end of this post you would say you are feeling one hundred percent. Love this fairy garden and I would of course do a banner. Smiles...Renee

Diane Mars said...

Have fun and feel better girlfriend~

Linda said...

Hey Viv...
Take a big breath...
Good...feel better?...there you go...
Now, get out there and have a certainly deserve some down time...
Your garden is adorable...

Linda :o)

Cindy said...

What a cute fairy garden! I love them so much.
I hope you have a good time at the beach. We had friends and family for a cookout and swimming in the pool, and now I'm not feeling very well. Hope it's not too bad. Things to do, right?

Jenny said...

You're going to have so much fun decorating that sweet little garden! I wonder when the fairies birthdays are? I suspect they will want a birthday banner for sure!

Hope you're feeling better after your foray to the beach!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Oh Viv,
I've been so sad the past few days with the unexpected death of Uncle Dane (he's the one we always go visit on the farm). Seeing this just brought a smile to my face.


Kim K. said...

I'm convinced after seeing 3 different posts about fairy gardens today on 3 different blogs, that the girls need one for their treehouse. Your fairy garden turned out so darn cute (just as I would have expected).