Sunday, May 20, 2012

sunday night wind down....

And so the weekend comes to a close...  but such a lovely weekend it was.  Starting friday night with a trip to the lake and out to dinner with our friends.  then yesterday a trip to the hairdressers.. with every intention of getting pink highlights in my hair... ending up with only a haircut and depressed!    as it turned out,  she only had a bright pink color.  we cut off a piece of my hair (from underneath of course), and she tried it out.  put it on and washed if off after only a minute... way bright pink!  too bright for my light hair.  I need a very very soft shade of pink.  So we are going to be looking.  I will still do it if we get the right color.  I am really disappointed.    
So anyways, then I puttered around the house for a while until Bethany called and said that she and the rest of my kids,  (except for Jen and tony who had other plans..) were all going to the lake to cook out.  so  you know me, I packed up a salad, cooked some beans and grabbed some hotdogs out of the freezer!  and off to the lake we went.  Ahhhhh!!  two evenings in a row!  Perfect kick out to the summer.
Then today.. Ive been working on these bears.   I am at the point that you see above.  all I have to do is sew their arms and legs on, stitch on their noses and tie on their bows and tags!  and deliver them to their owners.  This is three different orders all made from clothing of men that have recently passed away.  they will be precious bears to someone.  I'll snap another pic when they are totally finished.
so for now.. off I go to finish them up.
Then tomorrow I can start on my projects to take to Sandy Camardas at that end of june!
toodles for now!


Kim K. said...

Yippee for summer like weather and nearby lakes. Sounds like a perfect weekend...minus the missing pink hair.

Cindy said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I really wish we were closer to the lake. But we get there a few times every summer, so I can't really complain.
Have a good week!

Jane said...

Well, shucks, I wanted to see you in pink hair! Glad you had a good weekend in spite of not getting the pink highlights! Love the bear picture!

Perfectly Printed said...

Too bad about the hair I was looking forward to seeing it! So much fun to meet the family at the lake!
Enjoy your week!


kandeland said...

aw man! keep looking for that lighter shade- don't give up! Wasn't this weather awesome? Scarlet and I went swimming at the beach!! I couldn't believe it...that must have been the earliest I ever went in the water! such fun. Now here goes the work-week! talk soon, xo

Kai said...

Bah, HUMBUG! No cotton candy pink???? Phooey! I'm with Nat - don't give up! Let's see the new haircut!!!! I'm getting one Tomorrow at 11:30! YAY! I NEED one - my curls are out of control! I LOOK LIKE SHIRLEY FREAKIN' TEMPLE ON CRACK! Bwahahaha! Your bears rock! The recipients will cherish them. And I'm so glad you had a fun time with the kiddos! LOVE YOU!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Morning Viv! I'm headed off to work but wanted to see if there was an update about the baby. I absolutely loved your weekend lake post! They make me miss MI more than anything. Can't wait to be by the lake this summer. Hope you have a great work week. Love your bears! E

Debby said...

Oh no I was looking forward to seeing your pink hair. I posted a picture of the lady with her pink hair on my last post. It wasn't good pink hair.
Love the bears.
Been praying for Jacob......hope all is well.