Friday, May 11, 2012

jacobs seussery!

dr seuss nursery 1
Didnt Jacobs room turn out wonderfully!?  Vanessa was the master mind with the idea and knew just what she wanted.
dr suess 2
She shared with Jennifer what she would like and showed her some of her favorite pictures in some books..
dr seuss 3
Jennifer went home and sketched it all out..
dr seuss 4
Tony and Vanessa did all the priming of the walls, jen came back and drew her sketches out.
dr seuss 5
And then jen and vanessa did most of the awesome painting!  tony did some and so did beth and I.. but really jen and vanessa rocked dr seuss out in that room!
dr seuss 7
Jen still needs to finish painting the words in the signs.  but doesnt it all look awesome?
Now they can bring in the furniture and finish getting the room ready for baby Jacob!
dr suess 9
I think Nessa has an idea for curtains and I will probably make them for her. 
dr suess 10
Today is all about baby jacob day.  Vanessas mother and I are tagging along with Tony and nessa to all of their dr appts.
seuss 11
We are meeting with the babys heart specialist at 9:30, then at 11:00 with the surgeon and making a birth plan, then at 2:00 for an ultra sound and stress test.  I am excited and apprehensive. 
seuss 13
I think we'll be able to fit a nice lunch in and hopefully stop for curtain fabric too.
Later I think I'm babysitting for torry pie. (isnt he a doll!?) 
 and Tomorrow I'm going to breakfast and then to a doll show with Miss Natalea (kandeland) and her cutie pie daughter Scarlet . And I think my daughter Jen and her step daughter ella are coming along as well! 
sooo TOODLES for now! 
have a nice day


Perfectly Printed said...

Oh my!! What an amazing room!!! Such talent!! Jacob is a lucky young man to have this room waiting for him!! Enjoy your day...sending only good thoughts and prayers your way!

Hugs, Chris

LBP said...

Wow! What an awesome room. Very talented group of people did some work there! I know you can't wait for Jacob to get here!

Cindy said...

OMG! What a great job all of you did!

My Vintage Mending said...

This looks like they just opened the book in the room. I cannot believe how amazing this turned out. So well done. Such talent. Have a great time...smiles...Renee

Jane said...

Fantastic! What a talented family! Love the chest of drawers, and can't wait to see it with the curtains & other furniture -- and sweet baby Jacob too! Praying all goes well.

Jingle said...

Oh, my goodness, I WANT THIS ROOM!!!! This is amazing!!!

Lisa said...

How awesome that room is turning out!

pam said...


Diane Mars said...

Oh Viv amazing... please do tell the girls they did a wonderful job, it is going to be such a happy room. Have a nice weekend~

Debby said...

I can just picture this lucky little guy in his crib looking all around his room. Hope all goes well today.

Terri said...

Just too cute for words! Have a great weekend and a great Mother's day my friend! Hugs,Terri

kandeland said...

wow! what a serious project...that's no playing around! what a great day they did. see you tomorrow! xo

Jeanne said...

Jacob is such a lucky boy!
Have a great weekend!

Kim K. said...

I'm so impressed. What an amazing room. Such impressive talent. It's beyond words. Continued prayers for baby Jacob.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

It's just WONDERFUL for baby Jacob!

Carla said...

How lovely this room is. That must have been a huge job.

Stephanie said...


Sandy Michelle said...

The wall turned out amazing!! I wish I was down there to see the doll show with you guys! Have a wonderful Mom's day Super Mom! I saw that you pinned my dolls. Weren't they hilarious?!

Sandy xox

Rhissanna said...

Such a lovely and loving room. Best wishes and hopes to everyone and to Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most awesome little kid's room I've ever seen! Even better than "professionals."