Monday, May 7, 2012

welcome to monday!

elizabeth and I
So glad its monday!  I know youre not used to hearing that from me are you!?  Its only because I ate so much junk this weekend, I cant wait to get back on track today!  I spent yesterday with my dear old friend from when I was a kid, Elizabeth.. doesnt she still look 13?  how unfair is that! Saturday I cleaned the house and visited my kids, worked on painting the dr suess walls in baby Jakobs room and spent some time with another dear friend that has ALS, marilyn.    So its been a busy and good weekend.
torry eating ketchup!
we took torry pie out to lunch yesterday, he loves to eat ketchup with his frenchfries!  dip the fry.. eat the ketchup off and dip again and again, til the fry is falling apart and his hand was covered in ketchup!  hes just so freaken cute.  I have not seen marlaina in about a week..I miss her and need a marla pie fix!  theyve been staying at Tiffanys mothers this last week. we wanted to see her as both marilyn and elizabeth were looking forward to meeting her.  OH well.
as seen on pinterest..
more pinterest ideas!  I love lemon anything and had to try this yesterday.. only two ingredients!  well three if you count the powdered sugar on top.
well, they look good.
they are ok.  not sure I'll make them again.  I certainly ate enough of them though.  but they are a little bit odd .. sort of heavy and very moist.. they were good, but sort of reminded me of a wet lemon sponge!  but hey, they make a good picture dont they?
cards 4
and another pinterest thing.  I got this mothers day card idea there too.  these turned out so cute.  now I just have to remember to mail them!  I dont know what my problem with getting the post office is!  but Im horrible about it!   SERIOUSLY!!!
so, its a new week and it'll be a short one as I'm off Friday.  I'll be going to see baby jakobs drs with Tony jr and Vanessa.  she has several appts that day, the surgeon, heart specialist, ultrasound and stress test.  only a few more weeks till baby J arrives.   I cant wait!  I'm looking forward to talking to the surgeon with the kids.  I just want some ideas of what to expect.   Keep praying for baby J girls! 
OK.. have a happy day and a great week!


Perfectly Printed said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! It's always fun to catch up with our friends!! So lucky to have Friday off, I love short weeks!!


Cindy said...

I sooo hope that things go well with the baby!
You had a busy weekend as usual, right? But it sounds like time well spent. I like the Mother's Day cards you made. I'm the same way though. I make pretty cards and then forget to send them. Lazy, is what I am:)

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh Viv I thought she might have been your sister. What a great time. My girlfriend and I had our last child at the same time and our favorite thing was to watch her little boy "tip" his french fries. He had to take the ends off his fries before he ate them. Still does in Middle School next year. You go Mr. Pie...Smiles...Renee

Kim K. said...

You certainly know how to fill a weekend. Beautiful friends, family and projects. I'll be anxious to hear about Baby J's appt on Friday. Please keep us posted.

Happy Monday!

Debby said...

You both look good. IS your friends hair natural. My SIL has the same color hair. It gets prettier as she ages.
I'm glad you get to see baby Jacob on the ultra sound and go to some of the appts. Sure hoping the best for him. Will continue the prayers.
Have a good week.

Lisa said...

Continued prayers for all of you, including the doctors providing the care, but especially for Jakob and his mom and dad (and of course you Viv!).
You crack me up - a wet lemon sponge! Hahaha! I love it. Plus, *you* look fantastic - you have the prettiest smile. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I went to Joann's too- when I was there. I love seeing what other people have tried from Pinterest. The cards are cute! I read your last post. I hope you are having a better day?!

Sandy xox

Fran said...

The Mother Day cards you made are lovely as everything you make is. I'm one that DOES NOT LIKE GOING TO THE POST OFFICE either. I think it's having to go stand in a long line and waiting kills me. I could be home creating something. Hubby goes to the Post Office for me most of the time. :-) Love him. Those Lemon treats looked yummy. Lots of prayers and love for Jakob, Mom, Dad, you grandma, grandpa and all of Jakob's family members. Lots of XOXOXO, Fran

Luv2Shop said...

Praying for your meeting with the surgeon and all the tests. I saw that recipe on pinterest and wanted to try it too! I love anything lemon! I am going to look you up on Pinterest. Have a great Week!

Luv2Shop said...

Praying for your meeting with the surgeon and all the tests. I saw that recipe on pinterest and wanted to try it too! I love anything lemon! I am going to look you up on Pinterest. Have a great Week!