Thursday, May 3, 2012

just pinterest dreaming..

I wish I could sew.  I mean really sew.  I need to have a couple of these.  I lived in smocky tops when I was a teenager.  They are probably not to hard to make... ya think?  yeah, but seriously, I dont sew.  I know that some of you might find that hard to believe..  I can sew tiny little things and teddybears..  Oh well.. arent they afreakendorable!?  
and, what about these shoes!  I want them all..
just dreaming on pinterest tonight...
(sorry I do not know where these pics came from so I can not give proper credit. ... you know, thats the thing with pinterest...  )
And since I'm at it.. I love these too.. but I know where these came from.. KEcia made these from lemoncholy studios.  Arent they adorable?
Pinterest is eyecandy heaven!
I really am going to have to see if I can find smock tops somewhere........ 
sweet dreams everyone!


Perfectly Printed said...

I love the doll keys!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Wow, that pattern was a trip down Memory Lane!!! I made tops exactly like that when I was pregnant with my daughter in 1973...lots of room to grow. AND, they were made of polyester doubleknit-LOL! I'm really dating myself now! Love those shoes-they sure look comfy.

Kim K. said...

I swear I had one of those tops. I was in 2nd grade in 1976 and I remember something about a special top like what you've posted. Great shoes and doll keys too.

Happy Friday! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that smock top! I had one just like the one you have pictured. I loved that thing. Wish I still had it. I loved those ruffles on the sleeves.


RiverBend Farm said...

Love, love, love the smock top..and why not! Everything else seems to come back in...lets start it back up to be fashionable!

Jeanne said...

Pinterest sure is fun to browse through. All the wonderful! Love those little creations from Kecia!
Have a great weekend!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I am am all over this...Let me see what I can come up with...Those shoes are super cute. I bet those keys open up a really cute doll house. No? Smiles...Renee

Linda Ruthie said...

When I was a teenager, I had that pattern. I don't remember if I ever made the top. I do remember those ruffles on the sleeves with lots of other patterns. What a bother to do those.
Isn't Pinterest a blast? You found some fun things.

Fran said...

Great stuff on Pintrest. I haven't been on Pintrest in a long time. Love those shoes. I can make doll shoes but not sure about big people shoes. LOL LOL!! Was in Las Vegas for a week. Came home had doctor appointments, had men here all day yesterday putting our new counter tops and new kitchen sink.
Got to go read more of your blog that I missed while I was away.
Luv & Hugs

Cathy said...

Hi Viv,

Glad you love my pink bike! I do too.

I have to admit I lived in smocks too. Just loved them. I love baggy clothes like pantaloons. They are so pricey now though. I guess that's cause they are back in style.

I absolutely adore the Frozen Charlotte keys. OMG they are awesome. Great idea. Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello". It's always great to chat.

Have a lovely weekend.

xo Cath