Saturday, June 16, 2012

jacob and stuff...

lounging in grammys car
Did I ever mention that i got a new car last week?  Ive been looking for one for months.  Finally found something I liked and just in time as I really needed it.  my old taurus would have been terrible to drive back and forth to the hospital everyday, probably would have overheated and died!! 
Torry pie spent the night with Grammie last night.  He just kicked back and relaxed on the car ride home!
car 4
My new car (new to me car) is a mercury Milan.  It is very nice.. fully loaded, and comfortable to ride in.
car 3
I picked it up last saturday morning...  guess how many miles Ive put on it this week????????
car 2
Eleven hundred!!!  thats from all the trips driving back and forth from the hospital. 
car 1
It has surely been one of the hardest and most emotional weeks of my life.   I am exhausted.. and if I am... I imagine nessa and tony are 10 times more exhausted then I am.  Those poor kids are troopers.. but I guess they have no choice, do they.  They do have a beautiful little baby boy though.  I did not take any pictures the last couple times Ive been up there. As everything looks basically the same.
torry and doll 2
(torry is perplexed about this dolls fingers... lol!  He was sort of amused with grammies baby doll!)
torry and doll 6
baby Jacob has had ups and downs this week.  When they removed the packing on wednesday to check where they did the surgery, they were disappointed that his intestines were still blue..  they had still not received enough oxygen to  pink up.  the doctors had hoped for improvement.   then Yesterday morning they checked again and they were pink!  nessa and Tony were feeling very encouraged by this!  Little Tony went back to work on thursday .. a very long shift.. 12 hours.. then back to the ronald mcdonald house. And yesterday he did the same, only ended up leaving work and heading back to the hospital early.    Baby Jacob, after having such good news with the pink intestines, had some problems.  His numbers all fell..   he plummeted.  (spelled??).  They were very concerned and couldnt figure out why it happened.    they were concerned that it had to do with the candelus (the tubes in his neck for the ecmo machine.  What ever it was it was corrected.  though the doctors said that it could happen again.  Thankfully it has not since then.  Please pray that those veins in his neck hold up for as long as they are needed for the ecmo machine.  today was another uneventful day for the baby.  I think those are the best days.. quiet and peaceful.  to me that means he is resting, healing and getting stronger. 
robby and doll 1
Robby and Marlaina... awww..arent they adorable?
OK.. its after 11:00.  I guess I'll go to bed... I am so tired.. today when i was driving too and from the hospital I was afraid to blink!  I thought Id fall asleep if I did!  I hate that feeling.
Again.. Thank you for all your prayers.  and please forgive me if I'm not getting over to your blogs and leaving comments.  I've very overwhelmed and cant keep up very well right now. 
sweet dreams!


martha brown said...

I'm still thinking of you all, Viv. Be careful on the road! xox

Fran said...

Hope you get some well needed rest this evening. Love your red car. I LOVE RED anything. :-)
Baby Jacob is a fighter. Bless his heart he's going through a lot. Keeping those prayers and thoughts going out for him. My heart goes out to him and family. He seems to be a fighter with everything he is going through. God and Angels are watching over him.
Luv & Hugs

NanaDiana said...

Oh-I am so happy to hear some news from you- We are all praying for your sweet baby and asking God to hold him in the palm of His hand. Now I will be praying for the veins to hold up.

Your new car is wonderful-a small bright blessing in a clouded week. xo Diana

Theresa said...

Oh sweet little ones! I am happy you got some good wheels to carry you back and forth to the hospital! Have a blessed Sunday, HUGS! PRAYING!

Diane said...

Keeping you and yours in prayer dear♥

Kim K. said...

Continued prayers. I've been anxious for updates. Baby Jacob is definitely a fighter. Your new car is a blessing right now. The timing is perfect with your long commutes back and forth. Take care of yourself too. Extra hugs!

Lisa said...

Continued prayers for all of you Viv. xoxo.
You need to take care of yourself and your family - the blogs will all be here when you are ready. Try to get some rest and be careful.
Congratulations on your new car! A nice, safe ride for you and your precious family.

Kai said...

I just emailed you a few minutes ago, but I had to come see if you'd added anything to your blog & you HAD! You KNOW Jacob & ALL of you are with me every single minute. And the car is COOL - just as Franny said - RED ANYTHING gets MY vote!!! My heart swelled when I saw that darling picture of Torry-pie with your doll. OH, MY hell! He's a little doll himself! Also love the photo of Daddy & Marlaina!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

I think Tori Pie is the best of medicine for you. His pictures are beyond cute. Your new car is heaven sent. Marli words needed. All your pies are at such a great age. Baby Jacob continues to grow stronger by the day and continued prayers for you and your family for strength and comfort. Take a moment for yourself to recover so that you may continue to be there for everyone. sweet friend...Renee

Debby said...

Oh so good to just hear from you. It sounds like things are stable to some extent and that is a good thing. Each day is a blessing. So glad you have some new wheels to carry you back and forth. They need your support so stay awake in that new car. I thought that was a real baby. Tory pie's frown is so cute. I hope you can find time somewhere today for a little nap, and not in the car. God Bless that baby, he is strong and trying to show you that. (((((HUGS))))) and prayers of course.

Sandy said...

Thinking of you...Prayers for you and your family.

Kim Budash said...


Continued prayers from my small corner of the world, Johnstown, PA. Absolutely LOVE you and your blog and continously checking in on progress on the baby. Take care of yourself and try not to continue burning the candle at both ends, they need you and what they don't need is for you to become sick and go down too!! I wish I could do more for you and your family; however, I have added everyone on as many prayers lists as I can find. Keep up your strength and God bless your entire family!!

Mica said...

Viv, I do hope your family is well this Fathers day, Happy Fathers day to your honey and the men in your family. I am heart broken to read about Baby Jacob. I will surely be praying for God to heal his little body and bring him home to his mama and daddy whom I am sure are worried sick about their sweet boy. I pray you too will hold up and be the stregth they need, may God give you that strength and may He have mercy and grace on this little baby. You, your kids and especially baby Jacob will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya dear friend, Mica

kathy said...

VIV , i continue to pray for Jacob and of course the family . Don't apologize about our blogs -- Focus on your family . Love you !!!
ALSO love the other pics of your grands -- The furrowed brow was too cute and his lil baby lol --
God still gives us rainbows --
Rest when you can -- Hugz Kathy - ♥

Chenille Cottage said...

Dearest Vivian,
I am so glad to hear about answers to our prayers for your little Jacob. How thankful I am to hear of the small baby steps of progress with his intestines.
Blessings and continued prayers,
Carolynn xoxo