Saturday, October 20, 2012

and the winner is......

backyard 3
(out my kitchen window) 
Good morning girlie pies!   Happy Saturday!! Happy Weekend!   Happy winner day!  LOL!
Took these pics yesterday morning on my way to work.  It was such a pretty day yesterday.  I dont think today is going to be.  I think its supposed to be rainy.   Fall really is such a beautiful time.. too bad it turns into winter.  I do think winter is pretty.  but I dont particularly like it, mostly for the reason that its cold and I dont like to drive in the snow... but lets just not go there yet.. we still hopefully have another month or so before it really arrives.
I have a halloween gift to make for my friend Kelly this weekend (and I have the best idea!) then I'll be working on bear orders. and then... I think.... it'll be time to switch gears to christmas crafting.  Im only doing one christmas swap this year and thats Elizabeths box ornament swap.  I think I need a little swap break!  though really, if my arm was seriously twisted in the right direction..  I might change my mind!  LOL!
This morning I'm taking Thomas the big white stray to the vet.  He is in need of some medical care..  He is just the sweetest animal.  my husband hates him.  but I have a secret plan....  Thomas will have tests this morning for feline luekemia and kitty aids.  If he passes those, then he will get shots, dewormed and deflea'd.  Then of course an over all check up.  He has ear problems and usually a neck sore.  so I want to get him all cleaned up and healthy.
that'll be todays visit.  then in another week or so, he'll go back to get neutered.  they wont do it all the same day.  So what is my secret plan?  to bring him in the house!!  My husband is pretty adamant that wont be happening.  but I love thomas and so does figgy.  Frannie, not so much.  I dont know how he would do in the house. maybe he will only come in once in a while.. I dont know.  but I want to try.  And if tony really throws a fit and doesnt want him inside, then he will have to build him a house for outside where he can stay warm this winter.  So if you hear bellowing from this direction.. its just Tony blowing off some steam while Thomas gets comfy!  heehee! 
  I dont know what the big deal is anyways.... !
so.... Do you want to know who the winner is now that youve listened to me ramble on here?
I bet you do!  I wish I had the time and energy to make something for everyone!
my husband picked the lucky winners number and it was MERI!!
so send me your address my friend!  and for the rest of you.. I will surely be doing a christmas giveaway in dec!
Have a great day everyone! 


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats to Meri! Have a wonderful weekend, Vivian.

Susie said...

Viv, Love the photos. I wanted to take some lovely fall pictures at my daughter's and totally forgot till I was driving from her driveway. Good luck with the cat. Mine is making me crazy.LOL. smiles, Susie

Jane said...

Congratulations, Meri! Beautiful Fall colors!!! Good Luck with Thomas!

chris mckinley said...

Yay for Meri!! Good luck with good of you to care for a stray! Happy weekend!


Beki said...

Beautiful pictures and good luck with Thomas.
Well done and congrats to Meri.

Beki xx

Cindy said...

Congrats to the winner! Your fall pictures are so pretty. I hope everything goes well with Thomas. I would love to bring a new cat home, but my husband would not be too happy either:(

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures and congrats to Meri! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

RetroSandie said...

Your fall pix are beautiful - it looks to be such a lovely area! Good luck with Kitty boy!! Congrats to Meri!

Kim K. said...

Congrats to Meri! Your photos of your drive to work were beautiful. I'll be anxious to know the outcome of Thomas. Our two cats are chasing each other this morning and the Halloween tree has been swaying in the sunroom.

Kai said...

YAY! Good fortune for you, Meri! (She's a SWEETHEART so I'm GLAD she won!) And the Autumn pictures? Sigh ...! I LOVE colored leaves. OURS are colored, too. GREEN. FREAKIN' SUMMER GREEN! Ugh! LOL! I think maybe if all goes well with Thomas, you could just casually sneak him inside and not MENTION it to Tony. Maybe he won't even NOTICE! (Wistful thinking, huh?) I will keep my fingers crossed that Thomas gets a clean bill of health & is a SWEET boy in the house so both Frannie AND Tony will learn to love him! XXXOOO!!!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Congrats to the winner! Beautiful pics, it looks like fall is putting on quite a show-enjoy:@)

Japolina said...

I live in Miami and we don't get any season changes. While I love paradise, it would be nice to have some fall colors around here. Thanks for sharing yours!

ImagiMeri said...

Yay, yahoo, yipee and OMGosh......I won, I won!

I can't believe I'm getting something you made, I'm so lucky!

Thank you for this opportunity pretty lady, I will treasure it always.

Love ya'

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Congrats to Meri! Beautiful pictures of the trees. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly