Thursday, October 18, 2012

hats, hats, and more hats!


witches hat swap pic
okeedokee!  finally Im posting the pics I have from the witches hat swap.
they are all wonderful!  there were 30 girls who participated but these are the only ones who sent me pictures. 
chris's bad witch hat!
one of Chris's hats, this is the "bad witch hat"  
chris's good witch hat
Chris also made a "good witch hat"
vals hat
Valerie Powery.
debbys hat
my hats
These are the hats I made.  (remember i had three partners!)
lynns hat
Lynn spencer

loris hat

Lori Ventrimiglia

barbs hat
Barb Burkard
hat by Amy Bauer
Amy Bauer
jennys hat front
Jenny Hester
chris littles hat
Chris Little
sandy camardas hat
Sandy Camarda
kims hat
 Kim Kenward
shirleys hat
Shirley Hatfield! 
meris hat

sandy mcclays hat
Sandy McClay
kathy passarette hat
Kathy Passerette
hopes hat 2
HOpe Jones
lisas hat
Lisa Stanton
Renee Dahl
debbie reed
debbie Reed
tresa hat
lindas hat
linda mica
linda plunket 2
linda plunket 
elizabeths hat
ELizabeth Andrus
so 23 hats out of 30.. not bad.  and to tell the truth I'm too lazy to go through the list to see who I didnt get!
so there you have it ... what a fun swap this was.. I love seeing what everyone made and I  love them all.   so much creativity out there in blog land!  Hope you enjoyed seeing them all!
I hope I have everyones names on the right hats... if not.. let me know.
dont forget to sign up in the post below for my give away.  I'll be choosing the winner last night.   almost did it tonight because I was feeling a little bored..  then I decided to post these pics instead.
so ta ta for now!  Im pooped out.  
thank God tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


chris mckinley said...

Love all the Hats!!! Such creative ladies!!! Thanks for hosting!


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I am so glad you posted all of the hats. They are all absolutely fantastic!!!! Thank you so very much for hosting this for all of us.
I am posting a link to your Halloween decorating and little spiders I tried to make. I can't get enough of all the creativity! Last day for work! Enjoy your weekend. E

Kim K. said...

What a fantastic swap. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's creative touches. Thanks for hosting, Viv!

Halloween hugs.

Beki said...

They're all amazing, such a fantastic swap.
I'm officially crowning you 'The Queen of Swaps'.
Have a great weekend!

Beki xx

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Lots of great hats, Vivian! All unique, very creative and beautifully done. This was a fun swap!

Theresa said...

Oh MY, so much talent around these parts! Love them all! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Debby said...

Isn't it fun to see how different all the hats were. It was a fun swap and thanks so much for taking the time to host.

LBP said...

This was the most fun swap ever! Thank you so much for hosting. Would you mind sending me your e-mail address in a private e-mail. I have something I would like to send you as a hostess gift!



Jenny's Heart said...

Everyone is a little work of art! I love them all! Thanks so much for hosting this swap it was great fun!

Fran said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! What Wonderful Witch Hats everyone made. These are truly a piece of Art Work.
Frannie :-)

Fran said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! What Wonderful Witch Hats everyone made. These are truly a piece of Art Work.
Frannie :-)

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Vivian, I sent you an email that didn't go through. I wanted to thank you so much for my Candy Corn Girl! Oh my gosh I have been admiring them as your banner forever! I am so excited!!!! E

Sandy Camarda said...

I loved this swap and all those hats are so great. Thanks Viv!

Sandy xox

Grace said...

oh my look at all those beautiful hats! Such talented creative witchies!! (Good ones of course)! lol Grace xoox