Friday, October 12, 2012

friday hodgepodge

hey... i'm out here..
I keep meaning to post this picture of frannie!  I left her on the front porch the other day and found her sitting there peep'n in!  So, I told her not to move and ran and got my camera.  I dont think she was overly impressed.  I think she was saying " quit taking my freak'n picture and let me in!"  poor Frannie!  Look at the little kitty nose prints all over the window?   I guess I should probably clean that!
yo... heelllooooo in there!
shes so cute!!  somewhere in the 800 + posts on here I have similar pictures of marmalade.  remember marmalade? my orange kitty?  he's been gone about three in a half years now.  
I'd find the pictures if I could.  I should have been tagging posts on my blog cause theres way too many posts to be able to find anything specific on here!
Anyways!..  woohoo! its Friday!
You know I love me some fridays! The best evening of the week, when you can kick back from a long (or in this case short) week, relax and eat pizza!   Or play on the computer or create.. or maybe even watch some tv (not likely for me though)  anyways, all that and you can think to yourself.. 
"ahhh.. I have the whole weekend ahead of me!"
So hey! do you like spiders?  I dont!  In fact, (this is true!)  this morning... I KILLED not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4  FREAKEN DADDY LONG LEGS in my house!  SERIOUSLY!  two were in the same corner on the ceiling in my craft room, thank you to figgy, he was watching them or I may not have seen them.  They were very close to each other and I thought to myself.. OH NO  they are gonna mate or something!  so I grabbed the broom and wisp wack! they were gone... then low and behold only a few feet from where they were, there was a "freak'n nother one!"  but not for long.  after that I thought the battle was done and didnt give them another thought...
(insert music from jaws here.. duh dum duh dum)
But not for long though.. Cause, when I went in the kitchen to make an english muffin and some tea, I pulled out the toaster and what to my astonished eyes does appear?  but another freaken spider!  but then.. it was, bam bam with a paper towel and my fist.. and it was all over for that sucker too.    
sooo really, what the heck? 
now I'm thinking....   you know, where theres 4 theres more!  
I really dont like live spiders... 
but I do like the spiders in my spider lampshade mobile!
So whats everyones plans for the weekend?  I'm heading to hang out with Natalea  (kandeland) tomorrow.. 
and sunday I plan on staying home and hanging out!  I think I'll be cooking a turkey breast and some other yummys to that go with it.  Yup.. thats my plan!
Happy Friday !  Happy weekend!


Perfectly Printed said...

My mom used say Christy why are you killing the spiders? They eat the bad bugs and you never know...might be Charlotte! I am off to Atlanta early Saturday morning to spend a week with my grand!! So looking forward to it!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!


A Little Creation said...

That's too funny, I was sayng to Mr L it's 6:45 on a friday night and it's JAMMIE TIME!! Woot, Woot!!
I know your jealous. We are two wild and crazy guys.
Chris =]

Rhissanna said...

I love your Autumnal blog header! And the cat nose prints, what a lovely cat.

Anonymous said...

Frannie is so cute!

I HATE spiders. I call the exterminator if I find one. Ever since I was bitten by a brown recluse, I'm a little crazy concerning spiders.


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Kim K. said...

I'm the official spider killer in our house too. Luna (our younger cat) loves to hunt bugs and she's the first to warn me of intruders in our home. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. Emma's school is hosting a marching band festival but it's pouring rain. I'm wondering if any of the bands will actually get to compete in this kind of weather? I've been up early crafting this morning so that I could squeeze in some "me" time before all the chaos starts.

I'll be over for turkey on Sunday! YUM.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You don't watch Grimm then, Viv? That's the only tv I watch on Friday nights. I hate spiders, too, although I think your faux ones are lovely. : ) Our weekend, hopefully will not be too chilly. We are going to the Ren Faire with our daughter, SIL, grandbaby and their friends. Sunday I am going to try chicken soup in the crockpot. Hubby will watch football and I'll be doing some creating.

Kai said...

Oooooooh, what a sweet lil' kitty face peeking in at you! Can I invite her (AND Figgy) over to play at MY house a while? I'll be REALLY sweet to them 'cause you KNOW I love kitty-people! AND I'll give them back! I promise! I DO love your 'spidies' but I confess, I love REAL spidies, too. The ONLY ones I'd ever kill would be poisonous ones like Black Widows or Brown Recluse. Spiders WILL bite, but only if they feel threatened. They often get inside and I will let them walk over my arm, then take them outside to release them. LOL! For a person with big dog & - shudder - lizard - phobias, I guess it must seem crazy that spiders don't bug me a bit! Have a TOTAL blast with Nat. I'm GLAD for you two, but WISH I could hang out WITH you! LOVE YOU, VIVVY-PIE!

Cindy said...

We live in the country and get spiders all the time. Most don't bother me except for big fat ones. Then I freak! Your spiders are very cute! Have a great weekend. We are taking our grandson to a pumpkin farm with some friends and their granddaughter and take pictures. Should be fun if it doesn't rain!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I always like to visit you on Saturday because I know you have spent Friday evening happily enjoying the thought of your weekend. Love your 800+ kitty posts. Don't ever stop them! E

Theresa said...

I don't like Spiders at all but your fake ones are cute:) I have been unpacking and washing clothes, not much fun but has to be done! Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...Vivian! I am cracking up from reading your post!!! You are so delightfully funny. I, too, don't like spiders and whatever's the closest to me becomes their execution device. My DIL amazes me when she picks them up and lovingly opens the door and sets them free. (Not me...are you kidding? They get smushed before they can think twice!!)
You are so creative...Just look at all those tiny orange pumpkins and black kitties...Your darling Frannie fits right in. I've told you in the past that my very first kitty, Percy, was a blue point Siamese. I loved him so much and have such a soft spot for your two.
Thank you for you sweet comment on my blog. I, too, would love to live next door...Oh, what fun we would have yacking and crafting.
Big hugzzzzz,
Carolynn xoxo

April said...

I love your Spider Mobile !!!! Just to darn CUTE!!!!

Cheryl said...

That photo of your cat peering in the window is a hoot! Aren't cats the best!!!