Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday at nataleas!

nat and scarlet
yesterday I spent the day with Natalea and scarlet, crafting, chitchatting and of course eating!
at Nataleas (kandeland)
I have to tell you, undecorated Nataleas house is awesome.. but decorated for halloween... its in its glory!  the most awesomely decorated holiday at nats... halloween and Valentines day are her favorite holidays to decorate for.  but especially halloween.  I took over 40 pics.. and paired it WAY down to this 20 or so.  But believe me when I say there is SOOO much more and there pics dont begin to do it justice. 
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
umm   A little side note to Sandy Camarda...  uhhh.. I think you should send me one of everything youve ever sent to natalea!  omg..   Half of the things I LOVED, were made or sent by Sandy!
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
We had a fun afternoon.  And little miss scarlet is a budding artist to say the least.. this 6 or 7 year old has 3 art journals of her own! (I dont even have 1!!)  I had some left over spider bodies from last weekend, so Nat and I each painted one up.  they turned out so cute.
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
Nat made us a yummy lunch of cut up veggies (veggies are always so much better when someone else cuts them up and serves them to you dont you think?)  and turkey sandwhiches.    we gabbed and crafted and looked forward to a nice dinner out.
at Nataleas (kandeland)
we ended up in somewhere in buffalo, in this wonderful little restaurant, that you couldnt have imagined was in that spot.  And the food was awesome.  We walked out back behind the restaurant afterwords, as nat knew they seat people out there in the summer and she wanted to check it out.  but what we found was a "secret" party going on in a back room! Which we basically got invited too! LOL.. some guy said "parties back here, come on in!"    we probably should have!
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
at Nataleas (kandeland)at Nataleas (kandeland)
Anyways, I'm always happy to see natalea and hear her stories about her friends and family!  I do need to say that she leads a very interesting and diverse life!  very different from mine! LOL!  If I had some energy, I might be inclined to trade places with her for a week!
at Nataleas (kandeland)
so anyways, it was a lovely day and we had a great time.   these are the spiders we made below.
at Nataleas (kandeland)
 I do have to say that towards the end of our meal I started to get a killer headache that by the time I got home I had to go to bed!  so I slept from 10:00 til about 6:45 this morning.  Thats a lot of sleep for me!
but I feel better this morning.  sorting laundry, getting some groceries and baking a turkey breast... thats my plans for today!
happy sunday girls and thanks for yesterday Natalea!


Susie said...

Lots of cute decorating. I bet you had a wonderful time there. Smiles to all, Susie

Kim K. said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your Saturday with Natalea before that headache set in. The pictures are just divine. I'm going to have Chris come look at them later today too. We've got plans after mass to bring the ladders inside and start hanging bats and clouds from the ceiling. Halloween HUGS!

kandeland said...

that was SUCH a fun day!! thank you so much for coming down! it made my whole week! let's do it again before Christmas...xo nat

Jacqueline said...

WOWeeeeee! Now that is a house to hoot and holler about. I must say that Natalea has doll face for sure, they are both darling! This is one of the best decorated homes I've ever seen. She should send pics into Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living or some such magazine!

I am finally able to comment. I had no idea the simple reason was that I had to always comment under Google Chrome. Who said so? Heck, nobody told me that...dang nabit blogger creator, you need to take a lesson in communication with all of us peeps!

Jack is back, happy and carefree and that's the way I always wanna, wanna be.

Flush the headache down the toilet or as my mom once said, get in the bath and send your pain and heartache down the drain!

Happy blustery Sunday...storm brewing here!

RetroSandie said...

Oh, such cute things sprinkled all over her home! Viv, I think she's giving you a run for your money on the Halloween decorating! LOL And I LOVE the spiders you both made! Super cute!!! Natalea and her daughter are both adorable...happy for you that you all had a great time together!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

hi viv,

what an incredible time! i just love all the things in your house, viv. i am so impressed with your "group' of crafters"....and you are all such good people.


Perfectly Printed said...

Thanks for sharing such great pictures!!, There are some great ideas to borrow!


Linda said...

What a great time! I do love Natalea's 'STUFF'.... and, I suspected Sandy is her "supplier" for lots of goodies! The Scarlet doll you made her is adorable!

Kai said...

WOW! You & Nat are definitely the Halloween QUEENS! I also love the Batty Ballerina you did for Scarlet! So CUTE!!! Did I already tell you that? I'm getting senile! LOL! Happy you two girlies had fun! That makes ME smile! LOVE YOU!

Sandy Camarda said...

Thanks for that sweet comment about me Viv!!! If there's anything you want me to make-in particular- I will always be glad to do it for ya! I love the spiders you guys made :) I would sooo plan a monthy craft meet-up if you guys lived closer to me.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Looks like you ladies had a blast! Love all the Halloween goodies. SO cute! :)