Monday, October 8, 2012

Im back.. with LOTs of pictures!

me and kelly
And I had a lovely time with some of my favorite friends! 
sandy pie
of course everything was halloween themed.. we all brought tons of craft supplies, food and other goodies with us.  We probably could have stayed there for a week and never run out of  anything.
brenda pie
we even had cute halloween plates.. and witches teeth and glow in the dark skeleton heads!
We crafted, and ate and drank and just hung out.  Friday night we built a fire and sat outside chattering.
brenda and sally fire
friday night Sandy heard noises outside after we all went to bed.. which gave me the heebeejeebees and then I couldnt sleep!  there was nothing out there though.
spider creation
we made lots of stuff.. I didnt take many pictures as we were crafting for some reason!    but we all made witches hats and dressed up some skeletons  And we all made candy corn dolls and did some needle felting.  Kelly and I made spiders and I also worked on cutting out some wool pieces for a wool wall hanging that I want to make. 
witchy poocandy corn girl
Kelly is the queen of needlefelting and she made this little pile of halloweenies below.. at they freaken awesome or what?

kellys creations! hello
 I made the pumkin with the kitty in it to go inside of this little cloche.  isnt that little cloche adorable?  We all bought them at Mckenzie childs farmhouse store on cayuga lake in Aurora ny.  about an hour from where we were staying.  OMG.. wait till you get to those pictures!  but isnt my little pumpkin guy cute in his little dome home!?  I have plans for that little cloche for every holiday! 
  creating fun
On saturday morning we heading out for a litttle field trip to the Mackenzie Childs farmhouse.  We shopped and took a tour of the farm house.. OMG.. amazing.  I have been there before and knew the girls would love it there.  Such a whimsical place.  maybe a little too over the top to live in, but one sure can appreciate the awesomeness of it all! so here is a bunch of pics from there:
. mackenzie childs farmhousemc farmhouse mc farmhousemc farmhouse
What a  fun place to visit!  can you imagine living in such a whimsical place?   You can buy all these furnishings from the store.. for ungodly amounts of money!  we saw a women buying two plant urns.. very beautiful ones.. at over 900.00 each!  can you imagine being able to just go out and spend 2000.00 on two little plant urns to put on your front porch?  though that women probably has no simple little front porch I would think... !
   mc farmhouse  mc farmhouse  mc farmhouse mc farmhouse mc farmhouse
see that couch up there , the one with the checkered pattern?  yeah, only a mere 11,000.00.. I bought my whole living room set for less then 3000.00!!
  mc farmhouse mc farmhouse  mc farmhouse  mc farmhouse
oops.. I goofed up and my pics are a little out of order..  this next one of the bedroom belongs up here in the farm house.. then the rest of them are of a doll house at the Mackenzie childs store..   Check out this freaken doll house!  I want to play in it soooooo bad!!!!!
 mc dollhouse 5mc dollhouse 3 mc dollhouse 4mc dollhouse 2
cool huh!  (you can see reflections of a video that was playing in the store through the glass.)
 mackenzie childs doll house 
anyways.. I know this was a lot of pictures, but I wanted to share it all with you today, because I'll have other things to post about this week as well!
have a great day!  Thank god I'm off.. uhhh.. any hubby is working on the bathroom... which is not finished ... he needs to finish it today or I wnt be going to work tomorrow!
happy Columbus day.. or if you are in Canada... Happy thanksgiving day!


Sandy Camarda said...

I love all the stuff you guys made and the dollhouse looked incredible! Happy Columbus day!

Sandy xox

chris mckinley said...

Looks like a great girlie weekend!! Such fun to craft with your friends!!! Love the pictures!!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sounds like a fun get together, Vivian! Loved seeing all your pictures. I love their furniture, but the prices are outrageous.

Kim K. said...

I've been eager to see your weekend pics. What fun! I must make a dressed-up skeleton. You have wonderfully talented friends. A super special weekend. Best wishes with the bathroom remodel!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

What an awesome weekend. I am glad that you had a blast. You so deserve it. That doll house was incredible not to mention all the crafting you did.

kandeland said...

looks like so much fun! someday I will get in on one of your weekends! great stuff you girls made. next Saturday sounds soon...

DollZandThingZ said...

Not too many photos for me! Wowsers! Good friends, good food, good time and all the eye candy one could wish for! GREAT post! (I wish I had even half your energy!)

Barbara said...

i get their catalog...although by the time i get's quite damp from all the droolin enroute... all the art created was TDF...WOWSERS....what FUN!!!


It's all GOOD!

Cindy said...

You guys look like you were having fun for sure! I love all the crafts, but I'm really drawn to the needle felting, something I have not tried.

A Little Creation said...

Wow that doll house has a nicer dining room than I do! I've got to make that adorable spider and mini jack-o-lantern buckets.

RetroSandie said...

You gals look like you had way too much fun! LOL I love all those cute felties!!! And your pumpkin with its black kitty is adorable! Great job! Nice to see you had so much fun together and got a lot of crafting done!!

Kai said...

Goooooood thing I love you so much or I'd be SUPER jealous of all that fun! Oh, wait. I'm STILL jealous even tho' I DO love you! HAHAHAHA! I'm GLAD my Vivvy-pie had a great time & glad you shared your fun through the awesome photos!

Lisa said...

Oh! What a wonderful weekend! Seeing the wet roads with the fallen leaves makes me nostalgic for New England...
I love to see all your crafty goodies. :)