Monday, October 15, 2012

hi ho hi ho

Its off to work I go!
 office 2
 I havent been outside yet, but it sounds sort of blustery .  oh well, if its going to be windy and rainy it makes it easier to go to work. (not really..)   I just know I was supposed to be a rich princess... but I got switched at birth. And as a result... I must go to work everyday!  (phooey!)
office 7
well you know me, I have to decorate anything that holds still long enough for me to put something on it!  and that includes my office at work.  I figure I have to be there a third of my life so I should make it as comfy as possible!  so I decorate a little bit for each holiday. 
office 6
I dont go overboard like I do at home, but I do have to stop myself from doing anymore then I already have.  Its probably just enough right now... though I am thinking about bringing in a pumpkin!
office 5
what harm could a little pumpkin do?
office 1
Check out my bulletin board my hubby made for me!  isnt it awesome?  I know.. its a little bare. I have some pics I want to print out for it.  maybe sometime this week.
office 4
a tiny lalaloopsy sits atop my computer monitor.  I really need to buy one for every season or holiday!  isnt she cute!  I wonder if they have a thanksgiving one! lol... I know they have christmas ones..  but they should make a little pilgram or indian girl!
office 3
This wonderful pinkeep was a birthday present from my dear friend Brenda.  I just love it and decided to keep it at work for the fall as I can look at it  and admire it everyday rather then bring it home and stick it somewhere where I will  not see it enough!
office 8
so thats it for now girls, Unfortunetly I am NOT a rich princess and I really do need to get ready for work. Plus Buffy the bird is in the living room going... "OHHHH VIIIVVVIIANNNN" , "goodmorning bird", 'buffys a bird"  and "hello buffy..."  all that plus some little songs she is whistling... she wants my attention.  Now she just said  "what! what! what! what!"
I guess I should go feed her and make her her morning peanut butter toast!
I'll be back later.  happy day everyone!


Kai said...

Good MORNING, sweety-Viv! Your work space has already made MY day so cheerful! I just love looking at all your cute stuffies! I bet your coworkers think you're AWESOME! (If they DON'T, I'm available to set them straight!) Hope your Monday is as fun and sweet as YOU are! LOOOOOVE YOU!

LBP said...

I was just telling my husband this morning that I am going to start playing the lottery. Maybe I will win and be able to stay home! But until then.....



Perfectly Printed said...

I love all your Halloween decorations,!!! I don't have too many for Halloween but the last few swaps have added to my stash!!


Theresa said...

You are the HALLOWEEN QUEEN! I love all of your decorations:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Japolina said...

How fun! I love that you decorate your office too!

ImagiMeri said...

Wow, you really do surround yourself with Halloween. All your goodies are so stinkin' cute. Have a great week sweet Viv.


Shirley Hatfield said...

Your office is as cute as you are! I am always talking to my girls about the blogger who is so "stinkin' cute"...I have to show them all my candy corn doll. My kitties love it so much they keep stealing it has been moved off the table to the mantle. Thank goodness there are no little tooth far! =D

koralee said...

Oh me oh my...I am loving all your Fall/Halloween decorations. Now you inspired me to get cracking with some decorating. xoxox hugs

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

You need to do whatever it takes to make your office space more like home...where you really would prefer to be!
I can't believe that Buffy says "Oh Vivian"! I love it! I think I'd really like a bird someday.
Erica :)

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, It only took me a few sentences to realize the photos are of your work! LOVE that you decorate "on the job"! OMGosh was Natalea's home ever spectacular. WOW! I'm speechless! Such fun you girls are! E

April said...

All I can say is," I LOVE IT ALL!"
of course that is because I love Halloween!

Kim K. said...

I'm glad you decorate at work. Whenever I see your lalaloopsy doll, I think of Josie. Her haunted castle is full of them right now. I think that needs to be another blog post later this week. I hope your Monday was tolerable. I've loved your latest post with your evening lights spotlighting your precious Halloween treasures. You and I are kindred Halloween spirits.

Lisa said...

You crack me up! Love your work space!