Thursday, November 1, 2012

a revisit to the witches tea

Just cant give it up yet.. How about a little halloween story?  
go here to for a little WITCHES TEAPARTY  You may have been there before, but its worth another visit.
Have a great day everyone!  


Kim K. said...

I can't believe it's over...

Where's that magic wand to help put all the decorations away?

Japolina said...

Can't wait to see what you do for the next holiday!

chris mckinley said...

It was raining here, so not too many trick or treaters...I love seeing all the costumes...oh well next year!


E said...

So cleverr ! Thanks for re-directing I missed it before ... what a fabulous collection love all the details, fun to look at over and over. E

Fran said...

I just revisited Halloween and had fun looking at all the fun spooky Halloween items. Yet another Halloween I wasn't home to greet Trick R Treaters. Went to our sons house for Halloween again. The kids took their kids out and the grandparents stayed and handed out candy. WOW! Lots & Lots of Trick R Treaters and I& Judy(other grandma) handed out loads and loads of candy. The Trick or Treaters came to the door in groves. :-) The costumes were Fantastic this year. We should have had a camera to take pictures. Everyone had fun! Guess what the favorite thing the kids liked besides the candy we handed out?????? PENCILS! They loved getting a pencil and candy. They each said, I'm taking my pencil to school tomorrow and using it. :-) They really like the pencils.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am ready to move on to Thanksgiving now...but I sure love YOUR Halloween- xo Diana

kandeland said...

I was so happy to give it all up this morning and miraculously when I got home from work I was THRILLED to see my mom took down and PACKED UP ALL OF THE DECORATIONS! Do you want me to send her to your house?! Everything feel so empty now! Christmas here we come! xo

Murat said...

Ohhh Great. I liked.



Anonymous said...

Sorry it's such a late comment.
Perhaps you're trying to warn us off halloween decorating but you've inspired me instead with your witch's Tea. It looks potent and fun.
Other than a carve pumpkin we've never DONE Halloween.
Now on my To Do list