Friday, November 2, 2012


goodies from kelly
more mail!!!  you know I do an annual every holiday swap with my friend Kelly, well her package arrived on halloween.. what great treats!
from kelly
See how awesome her little needlefelts are!  Ive got a great kelly collection going now.. thank you so much Kelly!!  
This is what I sent her..
for kelly
Which youve actually already seen. 
for kelly 3
I think I'm actually feeling the tug.. to put halloween away...  such a huge job for such a lazy person!  but I may do it this weekend...  I dont have a lot of thanksgiving stuff, but as soon as I finish my bear orders I do have some thanksgiving crafty ideas brewing!
Heres some more goodies I received this week from LInda  LBP  as a hostess gift for the witches hat swap.  thank you so much again Linda.. Im loving all Halloween things!  
its a sickness!
from Linda 
So TGIF!!  You know I look forward to my weekends.. Im not too thrilled about this one because I'm on call.  so keep your fingers and toes crossed that its quiet.. remember the last time I was on call I ended up with 25 hours in!  I'd be happy with just a few this time!  
Have a great weekend everyone!  
I will be BEARY busy!


Kim K. said...

Fingers and toes crossed for a quiet weekend for you. I always hated it when Chris was on call at his agency and the hospital. We could never make plans. Fabulous goodies from your friends. You do have the best artist friends. Happy Friday!

Japolina said...


Kai said...

I hope your entire WEEKEND is WONDERFUL! Sending you a MILLION smiles & hugs! LOVE YOU, lil' Vivvy-pie!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you, Vivian! : ) You got some lovely goodies.

ImagiMeri said...

YOU lazy....are you freakin kidding me???? You are one of the most energetic ladies ever, and that's why I keep bugging you to slow down and rest once in a while.

Love ya'

NanaDiana said...

You amaze me- you are so talented and get so many things done. Lazy? Ummm...I'd hate to see you motivated then....a whirling dervish comes to mind. xo Diana

Sandy said...

I am going to put my few things away this weekend also, but I am NOT putting all of my Fall items out....I have to pare down, that is all there is to it! Same with my Christmas, I have decided I will only use my vintage and vintage inspired decorations and tree trimmings from now a lot will be going to Goodwill! Less is more is definitely my motto right now....I just have to stop accumulating more stuff!!!!!
( Sorry got on a rant there for a

Mamisole said...

estan muy bonitos son graciosisimos

A Little Creation said...

No call in, No call in!
Chris =]