Friday, November 9, 2012

yippee! its friday!!

amazing how a short week, (had off for election day) can feel so long!  TGIF!  maybe its because I was on call.  I dont know.. but what ever!  I'm so glad its friday and a three day weekend.
It'll be a another beary busy weekend.  This weekend I'll be finishing up bears for our own Sue Reaney who lost her husband this past year.  I wont show them to you until she has received them.  they are almost done though!  And I'll be delivering another set of 5 bears today to someone.  I will post those pics over the weekend probably.
Its supposed to be nice out this weekend.  so I'm hoping that, along with working on the bears, to get outside and do a little yard work.  I really dont like yard work.. but it needs to be done.  I also plan on doing some christmas shopping this weekend too.  I need to get to hallmark to buy these bears that record your voice so that when then get squeezed they say.. "grammy loves you MArla pie!"  or "Grammy loves you Torry Pie!"  They are on sale starting today.  I think I'll go after work just to be sure I get them!
so these are some of the other pictures I took around my kitchen.   I need a thanksgiving wreath I think... I bet I could find one at joanns..if I remember to look.
or, I supposed I could make one.... I'm dying to start christmas crafting!
my footsies are freezing and I need to go get ready for work..  well actually, I'm going to go make a little thanksgiving garland and a couple little turkey ornies to take to work for my office!
so off I go!!  Have a delightful day and a wonderful weekend!


Kim K. said...

Enjoy your weekend. We have leaves that desperately need raking now that the Halloween creatures are gone. Love your Thanksgiving decor. I always get excited to see glimpses of your home. TGIF!

Perfectly Printed said...

Wow!! You sure did get your Thanksgiving decorations out quickly!! They look great!! Enjoy your weekend!!


My Vintage Mending said...

We are picking up leaves today. I hope it is the last time we have to mow this year...loving all your sweet Turkeys...smiles..Renee

Theresa said...

Love all of your decorations:) You ROCK! Have a blessed and WARM day dear friend, HUGS!

LBP said...

Your Thanksgiving decorations are adorable! I really don't have many, as I go straight from Halloween to Christmas, even though I host Thanksgiving at my house!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Cindy said...

Great decorations! Have a great weekend and get a lot of crafting done!

Kai said...

I think your house looks sooooo warm & beautiful & INVITING! I always feel HAPPY when I come over here & visit you! Ooooooh! I NEED to buy 4 of those Hallmark bears! One for each great grandchild! Thanks for the idea, Vivvy! Have a totally AWESOME weekend!


Hi Viv,
Happy that you have a long weekend! I did a little yard work yesterday! Was thinking about putting up a Christmas wreath on my front door and then decided it's too early!
Love your Thanksgiving decor!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I love all the nooks and crannies you home has. I live in a flat home! No nooks or crannies! Pilgrims! I need to make Pilgrims. Hope you have a beary nice weekend! E

kandeland said...

I'm so happy it's a 3 day weekend too!! and I've been itching to do some Christmas crafting but I've just had NO TIME! How nice that Suz is getting one of your bears. Enjoy your weekend Viv! xo nat

Sandy said...

So many fun places to decorate! I love how you took the border of your wallpaper and put it into the shelf!!!! At least that is that is what it looks like....

You are so lucky to have so many places to put Christmas Gift list this year? Bookshelves for the living room, and before Christmas please!

Debby said...

Can yo share your bears with us. I bet they are adorable.
do you drink alot of coffee or just born with all this energy. I have none.
I'll have to go to Halmark. I saw those the other day.
Have a good week-end. Do you have MOnday off this week?

RetroSandie said...

Everything looks just adorable and quite thankful Viv!! I'm loving those dolls riding the turkeys and the Indians standing on the pumpkins! Did you make those??? And did you make all of the little fabric turkeys? So many cuties!!! Have a good Friday and fun shopping!!!!!

ImagiMeri said...

I skipped right over Thanksgiving and it looks like Christmas threw up in my house already! Check out the piccy's at my blog.

Have a great weekend girly-pie.


Lisa said...

I just love your Thanksgiving decorations! I'm afraid there will be no Thanksgiving decorating around here this year - I've got to catch up on a few things and then start my Christmas decorating! I'm hosting our Bunco group early in December so I want to be done with my decorations early and enjoy them.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Bear for Suz. I met her at Silver Bella a few years ago and I got to spend some time with her in September at an Art Event. She is such a lovely person! I just know she'll love the Bear. :)