Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanksgiving eve day

couldnt pass this cute little turkey flower up!
Happy Turkey day eve!  now.. its really holiday kick off time...  feeling a tiny overwhelmed.. but just a tiny.  Today Im making my pies, a couple pumpkin, an apple and a pecan.  then it'll be on to the stuffing and the squash.  Then I'll probably cut up the brocoli for the brocoli salad.  I wont make it til morning though so it doesnt get soggy in the dressing.  I think that will be all the cooking for today. 
getting ready!
Then I think I'm going to put my little tree up.  I dont have room for a big tree anymore since the parrot came to live with us, unless i move him out of the living room into my bedroom or craft room and I dont want to do that to the bird. Believe me I've thought about doing it just for the holiday but he likes being around us and I dont want to hurt his little birdie feelings!
this baby needs to thaw
I'm hoping that my turkey thaws!  its 28.29 lbs.  I took it out of the freezer on monday and left it in the fridge.. but its still frozen solid!  so its sitting out for a few hours today on and off.  hopefully it'll be ready by morning.. I hate when the inside is still frozen and I have to run water in it to get the bag of guts out!  
Looks like the kids will all be coming tomorrow!  I'm glad of that.  I think the girls were all coming over this afternoon to help with some of the cooking.. but it'll probably be done by then!  (its easier to do it myself anyways... but I like to have them here.. they can do the dishes! lol!)
I had a visitor at this window this morning
figgy and frannie and I kept hearing this sound out this window this morning, but it was still dark and hard to see out at first.. but then we saw him.. a little sparrow hopping around in the window box between the screen and the dead flowers!  jumping around on the screen looking in at us!  I dont know what he thought he was doing .  but we watched him for about 15 minutes.  then he flew away!  I think he may have been trying to tell me not to forget to put the birdfeeder out this winter!  I couldnt get a picture of him because it was still dark out at the time.  Figgy and frannie were thrilled with his company!  lol  i should have taken pictures of them watching him!  darn.. wish I had thought of that.
I'll be plucking his feathers to reuse them next year!
Picked up this little turkey mum yesterday.. thought he was cute.. and not only that, but when he dies, I can pluck his feathers and use them again on something else next year!  
OK.. thats if for now.. I really need to get busy in the kitchen..   I'm about to turn on some nutcracker music and off I go!
Have a happy day!  I'll be back tomorrow to wish you all a happy thanksgiving !


Kim K. said...

Enjoy your kitchen and the company of your girls today. I hope you can find some time to play with your tree too.

Thanksgiving hugs!!

Theresa said...

Happy Turkey EVE to you dear friend! Enjoy every moment! HUGS!

Cindy said...

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Vivian! I just got a peek at your ornaments! They are wonderful, and I just know all the ornaments together are going to be so special. My poor spare bed has had our twelve shipping boxes on them since summer! I hope to have a "nut cup" type of Valentine ornament swap - an EASY one if you are interested.
Looks like your house will be filled to the brim with a 28 pound turkey! I love that you look for holiday flowers you can pluck for crafting supplies. Happy day Vivian! E

chris mckinley said...

Lucky girl to have the day off to prep!! Enjoy your day with your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


ImagiMeri said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you pretty lady, and please don't wear yourself out. I usually have two turkeys, but there's only going to be 7 of us this year, so a 15 pounder will suffice. I've gotta' go bake pies and brine the turkey......have a great one.

Love ya'

Debby said...

That little bird was looking at your turkey (not the frozen one) and wondering why that bird was allowed in the house.
Hope the turkey thaws out. Geez.....I just laid a turkey breast out and hoping. Having dinner tonight at my son's. The breast is for us for tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Kai said...

Yep! You & I are BOTH crazy! I'm stealing a minute to say hello & wish you and yours a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Currently have 25 kolas (Indians) staying here, plus my housemate, plus ME, and expecting 6-10 more by nightfall & the last 2 tomorrow. See? I'm CRAZY! LOVE YOU, VIVVY-PIE.

vintage grey said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo Heather


WOW, that is a huge turkey that you will be cooking!
Happy Thanksgiving, Viv!!!

A Little Creation said...

Happy Thanksgiving Viv!!
Chris =]

Jane said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family, Viv! Always enjoy seeing what you're making and all your photos! So sweet that you let your bird stay out where the action is even though it means you have to adjust your tree size. No wonder he loves you so!

NanaDiana said...

I hope you had a wonderful, productive, good-cooking day! Blessings to you and your family- xo Diana