Monday, November 19, 2012

monday morning jibber jabber

njs bear
Well of the last ten bears, this is the only one I can show you so far.. I sent the first five off with out taking their picture...  except that I needed to change something on this one so I brought her back home.  This time I remembered to take her picture!  
A short week this week!  I work today and tomorrow and then have the rest of the week off for the holiday.   I will be oh so very busy... finishing the last two bear orders today and tomorrow and probably into wednesday a little bit.  
njs bear 2
And Wednesday is also a big baking and cooking day as well.  I'll be making all the pies, the stuffing, squash and salad for thursday on wednesday.  I also am hoping to be able to get my tree up on wednesday too..  I truly am not sure if I will accomplish all of that.. and of course get my house cleaned as well....   lol!  come to think of it... I must be dreaming!  oh where is that fairy god mother!?  lol
The whole family is coming for dinner on thursday.  Actually I could put the tree up on thursday morning.
Then friday I will go full steam ahead with all the rest of the christmas decorations.  that will take me most of the weekend... mixed in with a little christmas shopping.  
Then.. I havent told you about next weekend yet, another short work week, as Ive taken next friday off too because Sandy Camarda is coming to spend the weekend with me.. christmas shopping.. baking and crafting! And hopefully we'll see Natalea too.
  I cant wait!
OK.. time to get ready for work... 
have a great day girlie pies!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow, you've got a busy next couple of weeks, Vivian! This bear is so cute. I don't have to do too much for Thanksgiving; just bringing a pie and a couple of sides to my daughter's house. I would love to be able to get some Christmas stuff up Wednesday. If I could do the tree that would save me a lot of time with the rest of the decorating. I may have to figure out a way to at least put it together that day.

Perfectly Printed said...

Enjoy your week Viv!! Even though your week is packed full I'm sure you'll have a great time!!!


Kim K. said...

Darling bear, Viv. Enjoy your short work week. I'm working the next 2 days and then I'm looking forward to family time. When you are done with your fairy godmother, send her my way!!

Theresa said...

Don't work too hard:) Sounds like a BUSY week ahead! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Debby said...

Oh my Viv, how do you do it all. And so well, I might add. Sweet sweet little bear. Have fun with your family and with your friends. Love this time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving.

Debby said...

Did you get my message?

Kai said...

Whew! I don't know which one of us is crazier, Vivvy! But we have FUN, don't we? I loved doing the house in its holiday attire! Even tho' most of my furniture is old, it comes to life 'dressed' for Christmas! Do remember to take lil' breaks at least! But HAVE FUN! This goofy Comanche absolutely adores you! And - WOW! That bear is stunning!

Sandy Camarda said...

I can't wait to have some Christmas fun with you! Have a great Thanks Giving!

Sandy xox

My Vintage Mending said...

Totally unfair how much you accomplish here...I am bringing up the rear on my end...Happy Thanksgiving..smiles..Renee

Fran said...

WOW! You have been a busy bee creating all kinds of wonderful things. I need some of your engery. Mine has got up and left me. LOL !!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, Viv! That teddy bear is adorable!
Wish I could come and hang out with you - a whirlwind of activity and fun.
Have a great week!

NanaDiana said...

Your bear is adorable. You have been so busy, Viv. It is unbelievable all you get done. I hope you have a productive rest of the week but can take a breather and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. xo Diana

vintage grey said...

Adorable and sweet bear!! Happy Thanksgiving! xo Heather

A Vintage Chic said...

What an adorable bear, Viv! Is there anything you can't do?!?!?

Enjoy your week of baking, family & friends--I can't wait to get decorating, either!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!