Monday, October 8, 2007

bears bears bears

I've been a busy little blogger today havent I?
I think I'm finally over my "bear block"! I have a business called "Always RememBEAR". I make memory bears out of peoples clothing. Usually after someone passes away, but sometimes out of something that some one wants to save as a bear.. like baby clothes or something..
Anyways, I have so many orders and I just have not felt like making them, plus this last order was out of tanned deer hide, which is very difficult to do the hand sewing on, and I've had a bit of an attitude about them. In anycase, I finally got busy on them again today!
There are 6 bears in this order, three of the deer hide and then three of a sweat shirt. then I have an order for 11 bears; out of a mink coat, a persian wool coat, and a synthetic fur coat.. after that order, I have several smaller orders.. all together there are 27 bears to made now. And a miniature horse...
I need to get these done as quicky as possible.. in fact I should be working on them now.. not sitting here! after I finish the bear orders, I have elfs to make!!!!!

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Lori said...

Viv! love your bears, what a great idea!! did you get my flickr mail about links? the sidebar is basically the same!! line is the site with all the http and the bottom is blog NAME only!!! easy peasy!!!