Sunday, October 21, 2007

pumkin friend dilema....

pumkin friend
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OH MY! I'm sitting here looking around at all the tons of Halloween stuff I have and I'm already thinking what a pain it is to pack it all up. theres a "blank space" between halloween and Christmas. So when I put the halloween stuff away, its too early to get the christmas stuff out.. which means I either have to put all the "regular decorative things" back out or leave it empty til its time to put the christmas stuff out!
I have to put the other stuff back out, other wise my house would be bare.. (hmm... my family would probably appreciate that though!)
I really only have a few little thanksgiving things.. I will get christmas stuff out the day after thanksgiving.. or.. maybe before... hmmmm..... I really have to put the other stuff back out because its all stored in the bins that the halloween stuff came out of! Its just a lot of work ! I just have too much stuff!!!
But I love stuff! dont you? And I'm always ready to get more stuff.. eiy yie yie!!
When my kids are finally all moved out, I will have so much more room for all my treasures! and more new ones too!!!
Do you love this needle punched pumkin face doll? A friend made her and was selling her in her store.. before she had her finished I knew I had to have her!! I love her!
so I'm off to work on teddy bears.. maybe I'll have some bear pictures to post later!


Lori said...

hey Viv!!! i have two shelves of fav halloween goodies that i leave out year round...and my favorite Cody Foster snowman is out year round too...i really can't stand putting things away...pulling other things out...repeat...uggggh!!!


I started putting Christmas out before Thanksgiving because it takes so Long that I want to enjoy it for awhile.
It all has to go the day after Christmas though!

Carla said...

I cant. wait to see your bears Viv. See you had some busy, but intresting days behind you. But home is the best. Have fun creating your bears.