Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day. I have to say my family is the best! I came home from work and my husband was out cooking steaks on the grill. Jen, Beth, Robert and his sweet girlfriend Lora were all out in the kitchen and I was forbidden to go there! so of course I had some computer time! they were fixing dinner and finishing up some gifts they were making!
The kids had had a very busy day preparing for my birthday. they had cleaned the house! My son had done all the laundry!!! They had gone to one of my favorite stores "Bittersweet" in Brockport, and bought a few preciously awesome things and took a picture of something they knew I would love that they knew they could make! Then they came home and made it.. all together! I thnk they had fun doing it! and they made me a card. they are all very creative and I was totally impressed! My daughter Jennifer is a great artist and she made me a crown! she knew I had been wanting one so she just whipped one up!!! You'll see the pictures below!
So the dinner menu was... grilled steak, a variety of sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, and cheesy potato casserole.. OH and jumbo shrimp cocktail! And of course it was all followed by the wonderful cake that Bethany made for me and breyers cookies and cream ice cream!
I had the best birthday! I have the best family! I am truely blessed!


Elaine Thomas said...

OMG!!Looks like you had a great birthday!!! I love your Crown. Just Beautiful!!

Lori said...

VIV!!! i love your crown!!! what a wonderful birthday you had!!!

barbara burkard said...

wow!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! that crown is TDF! WOWSERS..and the rest of the gifts too! So you mentioned...putting a place to go? on my blog...not familiar with that..please edumakate me! lol
'hugz and happy belated birthday...although everyday is a birthday...


TiffanyJane said...

Happy Birthday {a lit'le belated :}
Sounds like you had a Wonderful birthday! The crown is Fabulous!!!!!!!!