Thursday, October 18, 2007

home again home again jiggity jig... (isnt there a nursery rhyme that goes like that .. something about visiting a pig?) Anyways.. Yay! I'm home.. I love home.. I was a little homesick. I missed my husband, kids, kittys, and house! I even missed being at work! It was interesting and I learned some new things. I have to say I guess I'm a home body!
The day was very long yesterday.. uncomfortably to sit all day.. and good grief did they ever feed us! the food for every meal was spectacular! I was surrounded by many attorneys and judges as well as directors and commissoners of social services. there were some lower forms of life... like myself there as well! We learned about the effects of parents drug and alcohol use on children.. sad... just sad. i wish i could explain some of what I learned.. but I cant even begin. some of the Doctors that did the training were amazing.. (other parts were painfully boring!)
I have a bad habit of doodling while at trainings.. I just can not sit still.. I am a very fidgety person.. you should see when I'm on the phone at work.. I even have colored pencils at work!
I took a halloween needle punch project with me to Albany to work on in my hotel room and have it just about finished. It'll be cute when finished. I'll show you then.
I wish I had tomorrow off.. Id like to stay home and work on bears, clean, and putter!
Oh well.. such is life huh!?
doodle day
here is my first doodle from Wednesday.. the others I gave away.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...


Thanks so much for stopping by-Silver Bella is a paper arts workshop in just a
few weeks in Omaha, NE. Sign up started in the beginning of June so we're all getting super
excited that it's right around the corner! If you go to there are links to both the Silver Bella site and
blog if you wanted to take a peek!!!

So glad to have the link to your blog also!!! Your doodle is fabulous!


Sandy said...

Hello! Thanks so muc for joining my swap! You will be notified of your partner on Nov. 6th but I will need your e-mail address! Your doodling is wonderful!

Debb said...

your dooddle is neat, I wanted to kown who did your header ?I really love it. I'm looking for someone to do one for me.

vivian said...

debb khurst did it.. isnt it awesome? she is very talented. this is her blog address...

kris hurst said...

It was such a joy to do your banner- I went through all your photos on flickr-what a beautiful
famiy- you could feel the love-Kris