Monday, October 8, 2007

SPeak to me people!

OH my goodness! I totally impress myself sometimes! I figured out how to hook music up to my blog site!! I am amazing, I am! (pats self on back!)
no really, I am quite impressed.. I'm not very computer literate!
OK.. I also have something to say! According to my "neocounter" at the bottom of my page, it says I'm getting all these visitors from all over the place.... OK People if you stop by to visit, say hello.. lets be friends.. I want to know your here!
ok.. thats all.. listen to that sweet music!
oh yeah, one more thing.. can anyone tell me how to list peoples blogs on the side ( i have them listed under places of whimsy) ? I dont know how to do it with out all the http garbage attached.. thanks!


TiffanyJane said...

Hi Viv! That cracked me up about your kitty looking for the bird chirp on my page! I actaully have it turned off on my page, so I don't have to listen to it, the little birdie may not stay for long as you can get too many noises on the page. Thanks for stopping by, will have to go check out your post....
Tiffany :)

TiffanyJane said...

Oh, meant to tell you congrats on placing music on your page! :) I love it, nice choice :) And as for the blog links, I think your links look like mine, so not sure I could help with that..... :)

barbara burkard said...


just one from some exotic you are sooo far ahead of me as i haven't figured out how to do the music thing..but THAT may scare some people away if i add MY
thanks for the tag! now i gotta sort thru my weird pick ones to post...hee hee
hugz sweetie!

Carla said...

Hallo Viv, here your wanted reaction from a visitor. I.m from Holland and love your blog.

blueskysunburn said...

You have your blog links in the right place and are almost there but you just need to do one more thing to get rid of all the http garbage.

Go to where you would normally add the links. Directly under that spot is a place that says new site name. This is where you type the name of the blog.

Hope this helps!