Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its raining out.. seems a bit fallish! ha. I know thats what its supposed to be. I'm thinking of throwing on some jeans and a shirt that doesnt have to be ironed.. (everything I own needs to be ironed!) brushing my teeth and running to Joann fabrics. thats not really a quick run as its about an hour away. I should have gone yesterday when I was not far from one, but I didnt think of it then! I am wanting to make an apron. so I need some fabric and trim!

I also am wanting to cook a turkey breast, which I do not have, so I trip to the grocery store is also on my list!

What else is in my plans for today? I need to bring all my house plants in from the porch and a fern from outside. Its getting a bit cool at night. They probably would be ok a little longer out there, but I think its time. This is a huge ordeal as I have my house full of halloweenies right now. I think I can put most of the plants in my room on the cedar chest for now. It also causes my porch to then look bare! OH well .. this change of seasons, though I love it also distresses me!

Yesterday, the girls and I went to a doll show and then out bopping around. Jen won a little madame alexander doll and the girls bought me one. there was really nothing at the show that I wanted! Hard to believe!! While we were out, bethany bought the new electronic game of LIFE. So we came back here to play it. much fun! though, check out the pictures.. the silly cats tried very hard to play also!

I'm off for now.. Enjoy your day!
tiny madame alexandersjasper is insisting that he should be allowed to play!OMG they make it hard to play!


Lori said...

your kitties look very sweet *sigh*

Lori said...

your kitties look very sweet *sigh*

vivian said...

dont you have a kitty lori?

TiffanyJane said...

Yep, the kitties always want in on the action! Yours are so cute!
I placed your blog on my page :)