Thursday, July 10, 2008

ahhh the weekend....

Today is the start of the weekend for me.. I have tomorrow and monday off. no big plans.. at some point I have to get grocerys and do some laundry.. but other then that.. its a whatever I feel like weekend. I do want to start my pinkeeps! and I also want to come up with a giveaway for my one year blog anniversary.. (which is now past!) I also have my vacation swap to work on. I really should dust and clean my house.. and I have garden work to do..
I am feeling a bit tired out tonight for some reason... or lazy. Now that I think about it I do have things going on this weekend! tomorrow is the sidewalk sale at two of my favorite stores, I'm supposed to go there with a friend.. Saturday I have three graduation parties to go to... dont know if Im going to them though!! and sunday I'm supposed to go to the lake with some friends! MOnday.. no plans.. well... we shall see how the weekend unfolds and just what I do end up doing. for now.. I'm going to make a grocery list, and drink some water.. got a little headache going on.. need to get rid of it!
Do you like my new little bear? I just finished her last night. thats the one I took to my aunts cottage and to the ocean! Normally I start and finish them in a day.. this one took forever.. I guess I just was busy doing other things! her name is rosalea!
I'll be back!


Lori said...

Viv, your little bear is just so sweet!!

Genevieve said...

You asked why there were so many FireTrucks in the parade on the fourth. I have four words for you.... boys and their toys!!!They all want to show off there trucks! Although I must admit when I was still playing firefighter it was fun to ride on the trucks wave to the kiddies and pass out candy at the parades.I like you bear and your plans for not really having any plans hehe! Take careand "see" you soon!

T=ME said...

Rosalea is such a cute name for this little bud! Your bears are the best! Hope you slow down soon. Hugs, Terri

jillian said...

It's not possible to have a cuter bear than what you made for me, but this one is super close. Sooo sweet! Have a great weekend!

vivian said...

thanks jillian, you so sweet!

Mary Isabella said...

Oh I do so love the new little bear. So adorable!!!!.....Hope ypu have a blast this weekend....Mary

barbara burkard said...

love your little bear!!! soooo sweet!...maxx was in total agreement...about the fun of having a firetruck leading our parade...don't know which he likes more...firetrucks or choo choos...which our parade delivered both!
big hugz

Farmchick said...

Rosalea is soooo sweet! Hope you have a great weekend.

Sandy Michelle said...

Viv, Would you like me to make a blog badge for the pin-keep swap? I am working on my pin keep tomorrow:)

I love your little bear!


VanillaCloud said...

Hi vivian!! i saw that you have a personal blog!! i love your work and i love to read your words!! im going to attach your blog to my favorites!!
Your teddy bears are awesome like always!! i hope to make some of them and learn how to do can be a new hobbie for me.. Take care sweet girl!!^^ VanillaCloud

( )

Dolly said...

Oh Viv I have to admit this has to be my all time favorite of all of your precious bears!
I love her sweet lil rose petal tutu and her flowers in her hair....gosh she is just too darn cute!
And her name "Rosalea" is the best!

Thanks for shareing her with us!


P.S. I say you shut off the phone, lock the doors and enjoy some me time this weekend!