Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lj friends, blog banners and pinkeep swap

Hello everyone! I'm so excieted because I think some of my "old" live journal friends have figured out how to link to me so my blog shows up on their friends lists! I hope that its working! I was trying to keep both the live journal and the blog, but I slowly left the live journal behind for the blogger site. having nothing to do with the company! I made quite a few good friends there! They know who they are! and hopefully they will be linking to me!!! (love ya girls!)

Did you all notice my new blog banner? My talented daughter Jennifer made it for me. I think shes gettign the hang of photoshop. she doesnt agree.. but I love the things shes done on it so far.. want to see all my banners? she made some and Kris Hurst made some..
the first three were made by the fabulous Kris Hurst and the next four were made by the also fabulous (My daughter!) .. Jen neroni be sure to stop and visit both of their blogs. I just love all my banners..

Now on to the pinkeep swap! the deadline for mailing out is quickly approaching. Hopefully everyone is done or about done and ready to mail! PLease Please Please.. remember to email me pictures of your creations. I really want to post them all at once. Arent you all exceited to see what every one made? I know I cant wait. I also cant wait to show you mine..

If anyone has had any problems connecting with their partner or if your running behind schedule, let me know. I hope everyone has had fun with this swap!
ok.. its shower, pj and ice cream time! nightie night!
Oh and if you havent left a comment in the previous post for my blog anniversary give away, take a sec and do it! the winner will be picked on friday!


michelle said...

I love your banner! someday I am going to tackle photoshop. It is just so beyond me, I would love a new banner someday!

Lori said...

Viv, your daughter is doing an amazing job on those banners...i just don't "get" photoshop...STILL...i wish i did, i see people all the time doing amazing things with it!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Cute new banner! actually i love all the banners!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

wow Viv I LOVE LOVE your banners their all fantastic!Your sweet daughter is doing a awesome job!Hmmm wonder where she got all her super talent..huh Mom??
Hugs Sherrie

Farmchick said...

I love all the banners! Your new one looks great...


Mrs.Kwitty said...

They are ALL fantastic!! (my favorite is the second one down) Great work from your Daughter--she has a wonderful talent for putting them together.
Smiles, Karen

Mary Isabella said...

I adore the new banner....Hugs....Mary

Julie said...

You always have the most creative banners. I gave up on trying to customize mine a while ago. I just could not figure it all out!

Anyway - I wanted to tell you that I also have a girl friend who is nuts over Halloween. She was going to be married on that date too - but changed it to a small family wedding (not on Halloween)when her husband to be was in an accident.

Dolly said...

WOW... your daughter is amazing!
Can I borrow her?
I want some cute banners!

I love all the cute banners she created!
{I am jealous}

Hugz, Dolly