Monday, July 14, 2008

major irritation here! (how do you spell irritation anyways?)
why are some of my pictures X'd and blank? this annoys me very very much.. Its been that way at flickr too lately.... whats up with that junk???

in other news. ..
laundry and gardening day.... and hopefully a trip up the road to sit by the lake for at least a half an hour or so! and after this lovely 4 day weekend, its back to work tomorrow.......................... blaaaaahhh!
I was supposed to be a princess... and princess'es dont have to work unless they feel like it!
maybe I'll take pictures of my overgrown and very neglected "gardens" to post later..

oh oh oh ! and I finished one of my pinkeeps.. cant wait to show it!
ok must get busy!


Lori said...

computer glitches? i am so with you on that one Viv...that crap happens to me all the time...ended up with a HUGE gap on my post today as a matter of fact, no idea why...wish i were more computer savvy...can't wait to see your new creation!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Maybe you didn't cross your fingers or hold your head just right when you posted? Can't wait to see the pinkeep though. Fingers crossed for you.

Natalea said...

I hear you with the back-to-work-blaaaahhhs! agh!
xo natalea

Anonymous said...

Hey!! there is an award waiting on my blog for ya!! come on up and get it! hehe hugs


Mica said...

hey there !! Tahnks for the recent comments. I have been sort of A-Wall in the comment department !!! Thanks !!! Are you still joining the apron swap??? let me know !!! Am I too late for the pin keep swap??? MIca

Carla said...

Been that way for me on Flickr too. Driving me bananas! Cleared my cache and re-booted. Seemed to help a little. Then cleared right up!