Sunday, July 6, 2008

oh yes... we had fun!

we had a ball on the forth , spending the day with our dear friends.. watching 10,000 firetrucks in the parade... (there are way to many fire trucks in the parade.. and why????) I didnt buy anything at the craft show.. I saw a couple things I liked.. but couldnt imagine where to put them!

then in the afternoon we hung around the pool sipping pina colodas! and getting some sun. Of course we then feasted on wonderful grilled burgers and hotdogs and great salads and goodies. I ate too much.. but I always say, "it takes a lot of food to maintain my figure!!"

We stopped home to get ready to go to the fireworks.. I made two huge bags of buttered popcorn to pass around and off we went. Im posting two videos here for you.. one is of a minute or so of our fireworks, the other.... there is no picture.. but you will hear me laughing! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it!

I was laughing at this.. I know you can barely make it out, its my girlfriends son.. he was dressed in black with glowsticks sewn on.. he was a stick man.. sooo awesome in the dark though you cant tell in the picture.. but the funny part was when the the middle glow stick came undone and was dangling between his legs! boy did I get a laugh out of that!

here is a better picture .. this one is actually from halloween.. (see the fallen leaves!) But the costume is the same, only this time his glowsticks were blue... anyways.. it was pretty funny!I need to share this with you! isnt she the cutest thing ever? I did a one to one swap with sweet Jillian. We swapped princesses.. I made her a fairy princess bear (posted a few posts back) and she made me the sweetest little princess of miniatures doll! she is perfect! I love her! Thank you jillian!

Speaking of wonderful gifts recieved.... look at these babies! from my dear sweet wonderful friend Brenda R who I work with. We have each other for secret pals at work.. not so secret though.. we fixed it, so we would have each other.. I made her a raggedy ann, but forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her! anyways.. arent they the cutest !? they are lori mitchell dolls, which I have quite a collection of. I love them!

OKeedokie.. I should get off this computer and get busy here somewhere. I'm hoping to get started today on something for my bloganniversary giveaway.. and also on my pinkeeps! so be sure to check back soon... heres a picture of Jasper from last 4th of July.. its jasper sam! Have a happy day!!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! looks like you had a ton of fun on the 4th!!! I just wanted let ya know im having a sale in my shop!! im so excited about this fall!! I have so many new things to go in it! I just have to get rid of the old stuff! Hugs


Brenda said...

Hi Viv,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't made rounds in a while, but will catch up soon!
Your pictures made me smile! :)
Happy Tuesday!

lori ventimiglia said...

I LOVE your laugh. Sounds like you had a wonderful time

Susan said...

Does sound like you had a ball of fun. Really liked the idea of the costume.

kathy said...

OH GIRL !! you have been busy --
lots of fun !!! and the jam yumm !! your altoid tin - too lovely -- kathy - GA

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun...mmmm buttered popcorn my fave food !
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Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Vivian!
Good lookin food you had there! Love the Stick Man, that is great!!
and your Altoid tin is sooo cute, everything about it! good job, as usual. We had 2 picnics, one on the 4th and 5th, went to both. Lots of food, family and fun!
Hope you and your family are well and Hubby is recovering and on the mend.

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hey Viv~
this is the cutest picture EVER!!!I love it!