Sunday, December 14, 2008

blaa..blaa.blaaa...and pictures too!

wow... its been a busy few days again! thursday night I went to my daughter Jennifers concert at school. I wish I would have taken some pics, but I didnt. This is Jennifers first "real" teaching job at Barker Highschool.. she is the music/choral teacher. I was so impressed. She has lead church choirs for years and been in dozens and dozens of different choirs and concerts and programs, but this was just a little extra special because it was like coming full circle, I thought. She has been singing since she was able to speak and her whole 27 years has been about music it seems, she sings, plays piano, guitar and is a percussionist. Anyways it seemed like this was what it was all about after all those years! and to top it all off, Her own first school music teacher, accompanied her choirs on the piano while she directed. I wish I had a clip to show you! I was so very impressed! Congratulations Jennifer!

Ive been putting off showing you some things I recieved in the mail because I wanted to wait til I had all the pics of the snowmen to post.. but I at least need to show you what I sent and recieved.. I'll post them again when I do the complete set! I had a couple different things going on, besides the big snowman swap, I had a couple of side snowman swaps going at the same time! I havent recieved 2 yet. but I know they are on their way. but let me show you a few things...
This first little snowy was not from a swap, but a gift from the fabulous Flora from boneheadstudios! she is soo talented and I've been ohhhhing and ahhhing over her things for a while and the sweet person that she is blessed me with one of her pieces!! is he not one of the cutest little snowys ever??? Thank you Flora!! You are a doll!
these sweet little things came as a gift also from one of the sweetest spirits out here.. Kai! thank you so much Kai! check out that little hand crocheted change purse! and the little crochets cone! the little gold bag has a tiny bottle of a sweet cinnamony scent!
Now, this next pic is from the snowman swap. This is from Jolene! Jolene doesnt have a blog.. yet.. I think someday she will do one up! I love this artsy fartsy snowman! and he will hang proudly on my tree.. (if I ever get it up!!) Thank you Jolene!
I have this very sweet and funny friend from flickr that I have been able to meet a couple times! She is soooo SWEET! she and I did a swap together and this is the very adorable snowfriend she made for me! You may know her as "be cheery" on flickr. Jenny makes the cutest little dolls.. and obviously snowmen too! Thank you so much Jenny! XOXO!!

So, I have to tell you that there are little benefits from hosting swaps! and this is one of them! Check out these precious little snowman earrings!! Courtney made them and sent then as a gift!! I LOVE them and will probably wear a pair today!! Thank you so much courtney!

The next few pictures are of the snowmen I made for the swap and for gifts! This first one is needle felted and then glued and glittered.. He turned out kind of cute I thought! He went to my Jenny that I told you about above!

This sweet little one, also needle felted, went to another friend of mine that i did a 1:1 snowman swap with, Amelia.. sweet B. I have to say, I almost kept this one for myself! Hers is on the way, so I cant show you yet!

And this batch of little snow guys, went as gifts to some friends and also to Cassandra and Jolene!

Did you notice the first picture at the top of my post entry? that would be from yesterday, my girls and I were out playing when we stumbled across this old man in a red suit! We were quite taken with his adorableness! I wanted the girls to get their pic taken.. but they convinced me to get in the picture too.. Bethany said that santa was squeezing her pretty tight! ha!!

My shopping is about done.. I will have to go out for a bit this afternoon.. I would like to finish up as i have two orders to start (and finish before christmas!) 8 bears to make and 5 santa ornaments! Plus, I have gifts to make and cookies to bake and a tree to decorate and christmas eve is at my house.. so the house has to be cleaned.. ..... ..... ..... .... oh my.. I need some energy!

My daughter Bethany is diabetic, and she stuck me with her tester yesterday twice and both times my blood sugar was 150ish.. thats not normal for someone who is not diabetic! so I have to say, I'm a bit concerned... so..After the holiday.. I am seriously going to lose weight!!!!!!!!!

So its sunday morning and almost time to go get my christmas tree! yippee! I should start moving things around a bit to make room and then get my shower, so I'm ready when hubby comes back to get me!

have a sweet and blessed week.. remember... the reason for the season... JESUS!


Carla said...

Love your santa portrait! All those cute snowmen have me in a tizzy. I collect them and would just love to have them all! The ones you made are so sweet!

natalea said...

you've GOT TO come check my blog!

Lori said...

Viv, all of those snowmen are just adorable!!! the needle felted guys are especially sweet!!!

Malissa said...

Come on girlie...I'm waitin to see your tree! The picture of you and your girls w/ Santa is so cute and love the snowmen!

Farmchick said...

Love your snowmen--they are all so sweet.

Congrats to your daughter...I grew up very musical..but I didn't go on to be a music teacher...but my Mom was before she retired!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

So much snowy goodness here!!!! Love them all!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

First off please do keep a check on your sugar levels. I am a type 1 diabetic and have many health issues from it.

Your snowmen are so beautiful. They are about one of my favorite things. Please have a great week...m...

Lydia said...

Love all your pics- but especially love your little needle felted snowman. You are such a joy to read, because you are always so joyful and your bubblyness rubs off onto the blog reader:) xo Lydia

TiffanyJane said...

Hiya Viv!! Hope your staying warm!
Love the pics of you and your beautiful all your decorations and the tree!
Oh, and your Jolly Elf too ;)
Big congrats to Jennifer, I know yall are so proud!
Happy Holidays!!!!

Louisiana Momma said...

I ADORE those snowmen you made.. I need to see if you have an online store for those.. to add to my collection of snowmen :-)

Sabii Wabii said...

These snowmen are SOOOO cute! I've laid low on swaps lately...Hoping to get in the swing again in the New Year! I love getting the packages in the mail!
So wow...I'm cryin' over 32 degree weather here! I cna't even imagine what it would be like living in snow.