Wednesday, December 3, 2008

little elves and blaah blaah blaah

hello all, Ive been meaning to post for a couple days and havent had the energy to do it! nor anything positive to say! the last two days at work have been long and difficult! dealing with people is sometimes just not FUN! well, I cant go into detail about it, because I have promised myself from the start that I wouldnt talk about my job on my blog.. It would be wrong for me to do so. but let me just say, sometimes it really sucks!!
I was so happy to come home tonight and find a package from my sweet friend Jenny. The cutest cutest ever snowman ornament! I also recieved one the other day from my partner Jolene! another sweet ornament! I will post them when I post all the pics that the girls send me of their creations! I have recieved a few pics so far and they are looking good!
I just sent my packages out today.. the post office told me 2 days.. so those of you waiting on me, they're on their way! I was late on my own swap!!! shame on me!
I've been working on my craft room and its coming along. Its not anywheres near what I really am hoping to get to, but it is workable and I ve been spending a good deal of time in there. I have a few projects dancing around in my head, plus more teddybear orders. Im hoping to work on the bears this weekend and get them out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of december.
I'm feeling a little low in the christmas spirit dept. the past few days.. dont know what thats about.. must just be the crappy days I've had. I'll get it back.. I love christmas!
Thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the elves and santas I've made over the years.
This santa is kneeling in front of the baby Jesus! (funny little mary, joseph and baby huh?)
This is one of the first elves I ever made, many years ago, but still one of my favorites. He looks so cheerful! My tree isnt up yet, but he is usually climbing up the tree on his rope.. hes just holding on.. waiting right now!

This santa just wants you to believe.. he has an elf friend that holds letters that say JOY. but I didnt take his picture.

These guys are also some of my old favorites. I havent made any new santas in a couple years. thats one of the projects dancing around in my head. I will make one before christmas!

The rest of these pictures are not of things i made, just things that I think are cute!
Lori mitchell.... love her dolls!

This little guy is one of my most favorites ever! I believe hes a bethany lowe piece, but I dont know who designed him. isnt he special!?
and lastly, heres the elepant again, that Grace Garton made for me. I LOVE him and will always have him out!

OK all, go visit scrappy Jessi and join in her cookie swap! I'll be posting a favorite cookie recipe on dec 5th and so will a lot of others.. be sure to check it out!
Please, those of you who are in the snowman swap, dont forget to email me pics of your creations! I promise I wont post them until everyone has recieved theirs! thanks!!
well, I'm off to get my pjs on!
tata for now!


Malissa said...

Great Christmas pieces! Are you putting up a real tree? I started putting up a fake one a couple of yrs ago and now everytime I want a real one my hubby talks me out of it. Just not the same. The only good thing about my fake one is getting to put it up early, but the smell is worth the wait for a real one!

Carla said...

Such pretty pieces. Feel better hon.

rosabeer said...

I love your elves, and the elephant is so cute. I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy all december days. Take good care of yourself.
Hugs Marja

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So many cute things! Great santa, one of the first you made, as well as the believe Santa. Maybe when you get your tree up you wil feel better and absorb some of that spirit. Sorry about work. People can e difficult, but creating always makes a person feel better, so get to work!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Viv, Hang in there girl! It's definitely uplifting when you get some mail love after a hard day!


Julie said...

All of your decorations are so unique and adorable!!!

jillian said...

Love love love all your Christmas goodies!! Can't wait to see what everyone did for their snowman swaps. As always, I have the pictures on my blog now, so feel free to use them.
And yes, sometimes people do suck don't they!! But hang in there. Here's a big bloggy (((((hug))))) for you!

Priscila said...

i love all those little christmas goodies u have! So cute! I love ur banner also

bojojoti said...

Love all the Christmas! This reminds me that I haven't run across the ornament you sent me. Where is it? Too many boxes! I should find it soon...

Get that Christmas joy soon!

Anonymous said...

I think I love your little elephant the best! He just has such a sweet look on his face!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Viv~ Everything looks so festive!!!
Sending hugs your way~dale

Emily said...

So much sweetness! I love the elves you made and all the goodies. Now, I want to make some! lol! Not that I need another project...but I might make a few beginning next year after Christmas.

I hope you feel better too. Work can be a bummer at times, but at least we can have places of comfort at home. :)

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

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Happy Holidaze ~ Mercedes